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Advise on gear

I’m a cyclist and im interested in what other gear you think might help.Im currently on 200mg Deca and 200mg Stanazol per week.I also take creatine and colostorum.What do you think?

Hey, man—Good luck finding help here. I was asking myself (I’m a runner/triathlete), and I got shot down for asking. I’m thinking of trying Deca and Test cypronate (200 and 200) a week doing the 3 on/1 off; 2 on/3 off method seen on this site, and then using clomid in the off weeks. I hope this helps, and if anyone wants to critique my cycle–please do.

cannon - do a little more research man! you’ll find that, unless you are going to have all your deca+cyp injections done by day7 in the first phase and only on day1 in the second phase of your proposed cycle, the half-lives of these two (especially the deca) make them unsuitable choices used alone. if you’re going to use these two compounds (perhaps because of availability) and have access to clomid you might be better with a straight 6-10week cycle.