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Advise on Elimination Diets


I suffer from persisting fatigue and digestive problems. 6 weeks ago I started with eliminating gluten, dairy and all processed, non organic animal products and most non organic fruit and vegetables. I do not feel better so I am planning to start a full elimination diet.

Based on a book I read about elimination diets I was planning to build my diet on rice, buckwheat and sweet potatoes as starches. Lean cows meat, chicken, sardines, rice and hemp protein powder for protein. Banana, mango, coconut and blue berries as fruit. One or two cups of green tea, water and herbal tea for beverages. All vegetables except night shades.

But after doing some more research online I am starting to doubt my plan. There is such a difference in what people eliminate for example some exclude grains were others only exclude gluten containing grains.

Yesterday I read this article www.precisionnutrition.com/category/blog which excludes a lot more foods than what I would do. They also advise to exclude foods you eat regularly so that would mean I have to eliminated bananas and blue berries. This seems a bit extreme to me, I have a hard time believing that bananas and blue berries could cause my health problems.

I would like to get some advice from people who have experience with elimination diets. Would my first plan be good enough or would it be better to follow a diet similar to that in the article.