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Advise needed... Creatine use when fat loss is #1 goal...

I’m 6’1, 205. Around 11-12% body fat. Pretty lean, but want to get down to just under 200 and hold that for a while to see how I have to live to maintain that.

I lift 3 days week. Total body each lifting session. Hit all the big boys (Deads, squats, presses, pulls). Dont curl in the squat rack. Stick to free weights, etc.

I run a couple miles once or twice a week. Do yoga about 2 times a month.

I eat clean Paleo most of the time…

I just started taking creatine again, and I dont plan to change up the fact that I lift a lot more than I hit cardio. With the calories I will be restricting, I assume I wont be gaining much strength in this fat loss effort. Should I just cut the creatine for now? Or will the creatine help reach the fat loss goals?

Thanks in advance

i think you should stay on creatine all year

You can’t really go wrong with a steady intake of five grams a day.