Advise for the tall lifter

I am 20yrs old 6’8’’ 240lbs with about 7% body fat been lifting for 6 years. I squat and deadlift, mainly I try and stick with the big movements, but I can’t seem to get any “thicker.” Any advise on supplements or training for the taller lifter.

TC wrote a good article entitled “Why Lurch Won’t Grow” a while back. Read that.

As far as supplements go, I don't think there's really anything specifically geared toward the "taller" lifter. If you want to get "thicker" it's a matter of ramping up your calories... bigtime!

I have to ask - are you involved in any sports? I guess the main suspect would be basketball. The reason I ask is because it would help to know what you do besides lift. If you’re involved in basketball (I hate to pigeon-hole someone your size into that sport, but it is likely), then you’re going to have a much more difficult time in putting on size.

Either way, you’ll have to eat like there’s no tomorrow. The “Why Lurch Won’t Grow” article mentioned is good, and there are several threads on the forum dealing with things taller lifters can do to make things a little more manageable in the gym. Just do a search on Lurch or tall lifter.

It’s going to be a function of food intake. A couple of issues ago, John Berardi talked about what he did to put on size. It would be an excellent read for you.

Basically, you have to eat big, avoid most other energy expenditure, and train hard and heavy 3-4 times a week.

The goal here is to acheive a significant calorie surplus. Massive Eating is also a good read as is the Pound a Week diet. Links should be in the FAQ.