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Advise for a Newbie on Cravings


I discovered T-Nation through a link on my Crossfit page so I'm very new to these forums. I have been reading around but thought I just ask opinions. My goal this year is to shed fat and obtain a Crossfit girl body but my issue are cravings. I have lost fat since joining Crossfit a few months ago and have gotten stronger with visible muscles showing. I eat pretty clean but sometimes my cravings sabotage my plans. I want to step up my results so any advise on supplements or whatever you think works to ease cravings and stop obsessing about food? Thanks in advance.


What i did was keep a food log for a few months (set an amount you want to ingest everyday). Let's just say when you eat some junk and you can't fit in any more good sources of protein and other food for the day because you maxed out your calories....you really start reevaluate your dietary choices. You start to really buckle down after awhile.

That and if you do want to splurge here and there you know how much splurging you can do. Calories in vs. calories out in that case, keep your calories in the right range and one day won't hurt you.


To ease cravings? Simply drink a zero calorie beverage. Gets you full and satisfies any sweet cravings you'll have. Carbonated beverages make you feel even fuller.




Diet Soda
Sugarless Gum
Sugarfree Jello Packets
Lots n' Lots of Green Veggies
Will Power :slight_smile:



^All of the above. I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper person. :slightly_smiling:

And welcome to T NATION.

Love your bike pic.

For a good online food journal, try fitday. The free version is good, and it will help you keep track of macros too.


I'm a student and I recently started dieting.

My diet is basically a meal at 12 Noon then another meal at 9ish PM w/ some Mag10 type protein supplement "pulses" in between.
SO...to avoid sitting around thinking about food, if I'm not in class I just go to the cafe down the street to do homework/study/whatever...I only bring enough cash for a cup of coffee or something - that way I can't buy any food unless I decide to walk back home.

This technique is great - I do WAY more schoolwork, I'm not always thinking about food, and I'm out of the house more.

Also, to parrot what Stu said, I chew around 1 pack of Extra gum a day lol...And sometimes I'll literally plow through 2 or 3 romaine hearts in one sitting to satisfy cravings. I also drink double gulps from 7-11...Perhaps not the healthiest choice, but I'm not eating kcals, and thats what my diet calls for...


Dill pickles...kills hunger. Late night gotta have something to eat...eat a pickle wedge and slide back between th sheets.

You can use a pickle wedge during the day too, eat one about a half hour before a meal. The vinegar will fool your stomach into thinking its full.

You need to be eating low sodium or not have any effects from sodium..pickles are loaded. So only use them when you have too.


UH,.. what? This is pretty bad advice. You NEED sodium for any basic muscle contractions (for creatine uptake, for all sorts of important stuff!). Your training will suffer if you just cut it out. Unless you're dropping water the last couple of days before a contest/photoshoot, you can have as much sodium as you want. In fact, all diet foods (gum, soda etc) have a good deal of sodium, and I actually count on it when I'm dieting so that I can cease ingestion the last couple of days for the temporary water effect.



Yes! I feel sorry for my roommates because of all the broccoli I eat lol.

Also something I discovered recently: buy a gallon jug of water and throw in two of the big packets of Crystal Light (they come in the tube packaging). Pretty much calorie free, very tasty, and it helps get your water intake for the day.


What works for me is sipping on a nice hot cup of green tea


I agree with K-man. Keep a food log to see what you are eating on a daily basis, then you can have one cheat day a week. Try to always make it the same day every week. Also need to have will power.