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Advisable to Add an Extra Day for Minor Muscles?


Hi all. I 'm currently on a 3/5/1 protocol stretched out to an 8 day week (due to age -55, recovery and work/schedule) as follows:

Monday (day 1)
Hi Bar Squat 3/5/1 + singles
Leg Press 3 x 10
Good Morning 3 x 10
Leg Curl 3 x 12

Wed (day 3)
Bench Press 3/5/1 +singles
Close Grip 3 x 10
DB bench 3 x 10
Pressdowns 3 x 10
Bentover laterals 3 x 20

Fri (day 5)
Deadlift 3/5/1 + singles
Stiff legs over the toes 3 x 10
Pendlay Rows 3 x 10
Pulldown 3 x 10

Monday (day 8)
Press 3/5/1 + FSL AMRAP
Dumbbell press 3 x 10
Dips - 30 reps
Face pull - 3 x 15-25
Barbell curl - 3 x 10

My question is would it be advisable to add a weekend day to work things like calves, grip, arms or should I leave the program as is? any other comments would also be appreciated.


where did u get that program from. and no, no u shouldnt.


You should manage the assistance work instead of adding another day


looks like you have enough assistance work already. I think programming the assistance like you have it is ok, but I think programming assistance is a tad overdoing it. I plan only the main and accessory lift (like 5/3/1+ 5x5 fsl). I know what I’m doing that day for that movement (bench, squat, dead, press). For assistance I write in what I’m going to superset with my main+accessory - 50-100 pull, 50 push, 50-100 abs, 50-100 single leg work etc… Some days I do dumbbell rows, some days I do chins, some days I do face pulls or rear delt fly’s, dumbbell bench, dips etc… I plan assistance depending on how I feel that day and what I think I need to work on to improve my main lift. Bench sticking 1/2 way up, I fire up the dips; accessories were strong, I pump out several sets of incline db bench. Something like that. I think planning accessories sets me up to fail in the gym, especially if I am rushing due to time or other things on my mind.


I’m going to do something like that, but basically no assistance on the other days. It looks like you have the basics covered so adding another day won’t do much. If you can add another day why not just make it a 7 day week? If recovery is an issue adding this new day won’t help, if its not an issue then just do your normal rotation in less than 8 days.


I almost operate the same way. What I wrote is a snapshot of the current week. I also tend to juggle the movements around somewhat and change the minor ones when I get stale (6-8 weeks in)


I had been competing from 1990 - 2007. My best lifts (wraps and crappy marathon suit) were 615 Squat, 375 Bench, 550 Deadlift weighing 205. Never touched a PED. Life intervened and I took a long 8 year layoff. I am now attempting to make a comeback.

The assistance work is made up of movements that have worked for me in the past. I’m using Hi Bars and leg presses because of weak quads relative to back strength, A lot of mid back work (another weakness). When I was competing I was using sumo, but found that it didn’t strengthen my back enough so this time out I’m training exclusively conventional. The stiff legs over the toes help keep the weight down. My hi-bar estimated max is 325 with belt and sleeves, My deadlift conventional is approaching 425 (my sumo has always been 100 lbs more, this may change), Press is approaching 200, and bench approaching 250.


Makes sense but the reason I went with the 8 day week is that I need three days in between squat day and deadlift day. Using the 7 day week if I squatted on Monday and deadlifted on Friday, I was fresh for the dead and roasted fro the squat. I tried pushing the squat to Tuesday but then I was fresh for the squat and roasted for the deadlifted. This way I’m fresh for both. The reason I’m considering adding a day to do biceps, triceps and forearms is that I don’t want to add more volume and/or time to training sessions and in my case these muscles recover quickly.


This is why I’m adding an extra assistance day, its just upper body because my lower body needs more recovery. I start having knee problems with the squat/dl/conditioning too close together. I feel like training more often so an extra upper body day makes sense.