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Advil's Effect on Muscles?

I have a cold and i am taking advil to help with the pain, i was wondering if taking advil while I’m sick is going to effect my weight lifting and recovery.

Not to sound condescending, but, really??? How the hell can you even think that?

No it won’t. Being dehydrated, not eating and not going to the gym might effect your muscle, but I doubt that too. Keep your fluids up, eat what you can get down and rest so you feel better quicker and can get back in the gym.

Advil is like candy to so many people I know. They always carry a bottle of it on them wherever they go - just in case they experience a little minor discomfort. Even give it to their kids whenever the little wussies complain about a simple headache or whatever. We Americans have become so weak.

I’ve never taken an Advil or Tylenol in my life.

Depends. If you have inflammation problems in your muscles/joints it will allow you to lift heavier and more frequently thus increasing gains by reducing inflammation which is largely a CATABOLIC process.

If you have joint issues use it to preserve the tissue in the joints from degenerative processes. If you dont have any sort of joint or inflammation issues then it is best to leave it alone. Although it probobly wont have a huge impact on your gains if you use it as per label.

Here’s some current research on this topic, from the Charles Poliquin site: