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OK. I’ve finally mustered the conjones to post on this awesome site. You see this is my first post here, and I believe in accountability. If I ask for advice and you give it, I have to follow through.

Anywho. I’m currently 5’8" 213lb. and 33%BF. My goal is to hit 180lb. 6%. My question is, at this point should I focus on building muscle or looseing fat. I’m no hurry to get there.

Thanks in advance


I would focus on cutting right now. Your bodyfat is too high to start bulking. ANd if you are a newbie you should be able to put on some muscle while cutting.

At 33% body fat…lose fat! You’ll build some lean body mass in the mean time, but prioritize the fat loss first.

  1. CLEAN Diet…T-dawg 2.0 was successful for many of the T-brood.

  2. Pick good workout programs. John Berardi’s stuff has been popular (though I’ve never tried it YET (No flaming please!)).

  3. Lift Heavy and Hard…but most importantly Smart!

  4. Read everything and anything you can on the topic. Archive section is just awesome.

  5. Stick with it. Majority of the difficulty is mental discipline, so get tough…you’ve come this far!

Best of Luck…We’re ALL behind you!

You’ll have to cut down first. You shouldn’t be doing a bulking phase until you’re at most 12%.

Since its your first post, I will assume you are new to the mag. Do a search for Dawg School. Lots of good stuff there.

Start a food log.

Lift on the way down. Preserve the muscle you already have.

Meltdown, baby.

That’s actually a training program.



Train hard and heavy and eat properly and you’ll very feasibly achieve both goals quite well! I would recommend that you follow Coach Alessi’s guidelines, at least at the beginning.

That is, programs like Meltdown and nutrition like T-Dawg.

You guys are awesome. Exactly what I expected, straight forward, honest answers. Well the oddessy begins, (again), and I have a new home.

Thanks again.

Welcome Bro, Keep your eyes peeled and your sprits high. You found the BEST and BRIGHTEST folks on the net right here. It’s like IRAQ in the spring with Knowledge bombs falling every minute or so around here. One word of caution if you don’t want to step on a land mine, use the number system; 123

  1. Read the FAQ
  2. Try the search engine
  3. Post your question

You’ll do fine!

You M************ are bad-ass. Thanks again for prompt response.

I’ll keep you posted.

sorry for the late post, but i would recommend that you go for the DONT DIET diet to start with to teach you good eating habits. Doing a low carb diet to start with will just scare you off and we’ll never hear fro you again!
experiment with the cardio options that are available around here (HIIT, HOC, running man, etc) and get in to it. try the differnt program available but give them a good chance (4-6weeks at least)
go for progression in the gym, use a diary to record sessions and try to improve performnce when lifting and during cardio. fat loss and muscle gain can be slow and it can put you off sometimes that results aren’t coming as fast as you what so progression in the gym is one thing you can control.

Dude, if you are really serious about this and need some poitive reinforcement, try what I did… take some pics now… don’t post… then do your diet/work-out for a while (until you approach your goal), then take some more pics. You’ll be happy as a pig in shit when you look at them side by side and see how all the sweat has paid off. Welcome… and best of luck to you.

Get to 10% first. Once you’re there start massive eating, the right way so you dont gain that much fat to build up some muscles. Then after doing the math to figure out how you would get to 6% and be 180 start the t-dawg 2.0 diet.

Need I say it again?..ok…

You M************* are bad-ass. I appreciate the responses, and all the support.

Stayed up the other night 'til midnight soaking up info, and after spending the night fighting fires on the West side of Chicago I went straight to the Gym, smoke stench be damn.

Thanks again.

The only problem i have is that you said you werent in a hurry. By god you better be in a hurry. Urgency is the only thing that gets people going. If you are in no hurry you can always say ill do it tomorrow. Be in a hurry. Try to get where you are going yesterday.

Urgency and Hurry are different…

I have urgency = After a long night, I was there this morning.

I’m not in a hurry = It doesn’t have to happen by the end of summer.

Thanks again…