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Ok, here’s the situation. A friend of mine just told me something that makes me want to beat the shit out of someone. I am stil l friends with my ex, and her last boyfriend is an alchoholic. I don’t know when this happened, but this is what my friend told me: He told me that she went to his dorm room one night and fell asleep she woke up w/ her pants down. Something to that affect. But regardless, I want to beat the fuck out of this kid. Yes, I plan on asking her about it, but I doubt she will come clean with me. I don’t see why she’d make something like that up, and I am totally enraged. I need your guys’ advice.

Make that S.O.B. HURT!

Regardless of your previous relationship status, rapists are evil.
If she COULD prove it, prison would be hell on that dude. They do bad bad things to rapists. Otherwise, make sure he dont walk for a while. Your friend should grow some gohanez, and crack a few of that guys bones too.

Then again, I am from the old school.
I am a firm beleiver in men being the protecters of women, unless of course in the case of Patricia or the like, and i need a teddy bear and a bed to hide under.

I assume by ‘his’ dorm room you mean the alcoholic Ex’s, not your friend. (Somewhat ambiguous.)

Anyway, as long as she wasn’t manipulated into getting naked with this dude (via alcohol or whatever), and provided you two were broke up when this happened, this isn’t really your business.

well usually when a women wakes up in my bed her pants are down too.

Ike, that shit just ain’t right, man. I will find out the facts first, however.

Gotta side with Ike on ths one. She’s your Ex. You could always offer her your support or a sympathetic ear but that’s all I’d recommend.

Emotional and sympathetic support is somethign her female friends could probably give better. When you fell as a child, you ran to your momma, right?

Find out the facts. If it was done against her will, etc, then its everyones responsibility really. You would do the same for a friend who had been mugged right? And this is even more serious! If a platonic female friend had been raped, then you would mess the fella up, right, providing it would not win in her favor in court?

If it was against her will, then of course Tiree is right.

Bones must be broken.

If, however, it was her own decision, well then… it was her own decision.