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Advice Young New TRT Want To Learn

I’ve seen my GP who offered me Testim and saw a Endocrinologist today who also told me that he would only offer Testosterone. From reading on here it seems like there is a lot more to it than that. Im really stressed about this since I got my results. All my symptoms above lead me to see a Doctor. Im looking for someone in Bakersfield that knows more than just telling me to put gel on. Im going to go back to my GP tommorow and see if he would be ok with giving me HCG if it does come to TRT.

Here is my first blood work. Let me know what else I should be concerned with or should post.

CK - 121
HCG (Quantitative) - <2
LH - 1.8
Prolactin - 18.4
Testosterone, Total - 274
Estradiol 17-Beta - 18
TSH - 1.53
T4 - 8

Should I post CBC Test BMP test Live (Hepatic Panel)?
I wondering what exactly do I need next. Life Long TRT just sounds scary.

One person = one thread. Pick one and let the other one die.

I suggest this one since you have at least started to provide the requested information. Go to the stickeys and read them. Come back and edit your post to include lab ranges and units when you are able to have a two way conversation.

Sorry I didn’t see the revise option and thought my other thread I started wasn’t very good. I tried to revise and just delete everything but that didn’t work.

On my labs DHT, FT or Bio-T, FSH, PSA and DRE is not on there.