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Advice with Yohimbine HCL Dosages


As the title says i ordered PrimaForce Yohimbine HCl and im looking to find out dosages for it. i read that u should start with 1 capsule and the go up. 1 capsule has 2.5 mg of yohimbine hcl, and i weight around 190 lbs. should i start then with 1 capsule a day and keep incresing it ( also when sould i increase the dosage?)? could some1 pls help with this?


I took two pills of that stuff... got on the squat machine and proceeded to squat. I did my normal climb, adding a plate after each set, and so on. After getting to about 90% intensity, in the middle of my rep... i got this explosive headache on the lower back part of my skull. I immediately stopped. I got off the machine and fell to my knees. Every movement that cause my heart to pump harder cause a throbbing in my skull that was a very primal kind of pain.

Its part shock really. Cause I knew at that moment what caused it. Yohimbine HCL was what caused it. And I took it. So the shock really was an "oh fuck, I fucked up now." I got home, looked in the mirror, and saw my right eye poped a vessel or somethin, and it was bloodshot. The headache and the dracula eyes stayed with me for days before dwindling away ever so slowly. Weeks later, I thought, well... maybe it wasnt the Yohimbine... maybe it was just a coincidence. So I tried 1 pill. I got a headache even before I got to the gym. Not as bad mind you, but it made me turn around and skip the workout that day. You dont want that headache, trust me. It sucks hardcore.

I'm not doggin yohimbine; i know its effective for most people and I may just be one of the handful of people that it may have this effect on... but... I do still suggest going very slow. Go slow on the number of pills you take, and the workout as well... feel your body out.


i read some comments where ppl said that it wasnt good for lifting, some say it ruined their lifts, but for cardio i only read good things


I've read it can cause cancer.


wat doesnt cause cancer


As with most things there's no clear-cut black and white division true for everybody. But roughly speaking when discussing a large group of individuals and, as your post uses that increment, going in 2.5 mg increments:

2.5 mg: Tolerable by close to everybody
5 mg: A significant but small minority of persons will have problems
7.5 mg: A large percentage of people find this a good maximum dose but of course many more cannot tolerate this than is the case with the 5 mg dose
10 mg and up: A small minority can tolerate this. Some can tolerate even twice this.

For a person unfamiliar with yohimbine, 2.5 or 3.75 mg or thereabouts is a good amount to start with to get an indicator of personal tolerance before trying higher doses.


I've read, and used, "full dosages" of .2mg/kg LBM. So for the OP that could be in the range of 17.5mg. Plus caffeine. All I ever got was the goose bumps on my legs.

However, the advice to start with small doses to test the effects on you is very, very smart.

But it can really jack up your blood pressure, which might explain spinsykel's head explosions.

I've only used it before cardio. it's probably not a good idea, or even beneficial, to do it before lifting (head explosions + fat burning not being a goal during lifting)


thanx. i also would like to know should i go for 5-6 days weekly doing light cardio, medium cardio, HIIT or mix it up ( im worried how i will react to HIIT) all done on a stationary bike?


wow. 17.5mg. i think a dose like that would put me in a casket.


Well, I sometimes get my mg and g and mcg confused... but like 7 of the pills. And yes, I can imagine that your resulting head explosion would be seen from space.

I did mention I've only ever taken them before light/moderate cardio, right? Well, and one time I played video games for 60m before I went to the gym to wait for it to kick in.