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Advice with New Program


Recently after stalling for a bit on a few lifts and changing out for quite a while and still not being happy with my progress i decided to change up my rep rang a bit and training style and see if i set it up decently at all.

I know this may come off a dumb newbie question but because i've never set anything up like this and want to make sure that it looks reasonable(I'm still possibly going to get flamed but whatever hopefully you at least teach me a thing or two :p)

Anyway today i am going to be training the B version of my back workout which used to look like this.

Shrugs behind back with smith machine 3x8-12
Pull ups 2xMax
Wide Grip Lat pull downs 3x8-12
D-Ring pull downs 3x8-12
Seated Rows 4x8-12

I've been doing for a LONG while now but recently i decided that i want to try something like this instead

Shrugs behind back with smith machine 2 warm up sets between 8-12 heavy working set of 6-8
Pull ups 2xMax
Wide Grip lat pulldowns same as shrugs
D-ring pull downs same as shrugs
Seated rows 3 warm up sets, heavy working set of 6-8


Where's the barbell rows? Rack pulls?
I suggest ousting the wide grip pull down for a heavy barbell row or dumbbell row. Pull ups are going to hit the lats just as good, if not better than the wide grip pull downs (depends of form and ROM).

I just recently added rack pulls from a old post by BONEZ and it's helping me add mass to my back.


Oh that's back A i rotate between the two workouts week by week,
Back A looks like this:

Shrugs barbell in front smith machine 3 sets
Deadlifts 4 sets
Barbell bent over rows 3 sets
dumbell bent over rows 3 sets
lat pull downs 3 sets


A workout:
Shrugs barbell in front smith machine: 1wrmupset x 3wrksets x 8-10 reps
Deadlifts: 1-2wrmupsets x 4wrksets x 8-10 reps
Barbell bent over rows: 1wrmupsets x 4wrksets x 8-10 reps
Dumbbell bent over rows: 3wrksets x 12-15 reps
Lat pull downs: 3wrkset x 10-12

Notes: Use 1 set for warm-up for shrugs, deadlifts use 1-2 sets for warm-up, barbell row use 1 set for warm-up, then "YOU" should be completely ready for work sets for the rest of the workout. (If not do a little more time to warm-up)

B workout:
Shrugs behind back with smith machine: 1wrmupset x 3wrkset x 6-8 reps
Pull ups: 1-2wrmupset on lat pull down x 2wrksets x until form becomes bad
Wide Grip lat pulldowns: 3wrkingsets x 6-8 reps
D-ring pull downs: 4wrkingsets x 10-12 reps
Rack Pulls (bar just below knees): 4wrkingsets x 6-8 reps

Hope this revised program helps...anyone feel free to add of suggest something different.

EDIT: I edited my other (by accident) post but it was asking the overall picture of your workout to see if I was understanding you correctly...never mind about that now lol.

Double EDIT: If your feeling like your not experiencing progression in the gym you MUST beat all your lifts on the next time you do it by adding weight or using the same weight and getting more reps in. As well eating more will simply increase progression more than a program change.


Why start the workout with shrugs? I'd start with Rack pulls, then rows, then pullups, then shrugs. Unless maybe your traps are lagging?

Maybe just switch the exercise order up instead of changing anything major.


I haven't even been lifting and eating properly for over a year, my everything is lagging. The only reason i start with shrugs at the start of the workout is the guy in charge of watching over my diet/training stuck them there. I really have no problem when tossing things around


Thanks for the suggestions, i did my version of back B today because I left before your reply, and i enjoyed the change. I definitely moved a lot more weight than I'm used to moving im talking about 30-50 pounds more each lift, i was impressed. I guess my body has been getting to comfortable and it was time to wake it's ass up.

I still want to toy around with having one 'working set' but i can honestly see sticking a bit more weight on for my 'warm up sets' that's for sure but we'll see how it goes thanks again. if im not happy with how shoulders feel worked on Saturday i'll make a few changes regarding your advice.


anyone else care to take a look at it any and all advice is greatly appreciated


I would separate DL from BB row. Keep your lower back fresh for rows and move them to A maybe. I'd go with DL + DB row in one session and BB row + vertical pull in the other.

Another thing: many exercises + A&B rotation - will you be able to track your progress?


I'll have to give that a run down sometime, thanks for the advice.

and as far as tracking progress goes i set something up ages ago in excel and i carry a pencil and workout sheet with me all the time to the gym to make changes if necessary.