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Advice with ME Lifts

I have been lifting both lower and upper body for ME for the past 2 years. My question is as follows… Lets say I am going to ME squat today and the training session looks like this…

50% ME x 5
60% ME x 5
70% ME x 3
80% ME x 3
90% ME x 1
92% ME x 1
95% ME x 1
100% ME x 1

So lets say I fail at 95% ME lift today. I understand that in order to become stronger you need to perform reps 90% or higher of your ME. So do I go back down and perform a rep at 92% and 90% of the 100% ME or… do I take my 95% lift today and take the 92% and 90% of that weight.

My thoughts are to just stick to the 92% and 90% rather than recalulating off of the 95% ME. Sorry if too confusing; I may just be over analyzing it!

Thanks for any advice.

you’re overthinking this. Some weeks you are just weaker due to poor recovery.Pick a weight you know you can double and go for a triple.