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Advice with Excessive Beer Drinking?


I am 43 years old, unemployed(can't find a job worth a damn) and have developed a 12+beer a day habit. Now, ala definition of a habit, its become daily. I still workout. I still eat very clean and I really like beer. Bud is my choice if you are interested.

Really need or want some advice from others who have conquered the beer monster.



As a guy who worked ER for 14 years and medical field for the past 20 years....

that is not a habit, that is a problem.

Calories aside, the human body is really not made to ingest that much alcohol daily.

It will have effects on your liver that can be irreversible.


I almost wrote that... But better from someone with medical experience.


I know someone that calls their excessive beer drinking a habit. this person has had 2 duis, spent some time in the little house, and destroyed their family financially and emotionally.

How does this drinking positively contribute to your life? The person above could not answer. How about you?


Im 40 and no longer drink.
so maybe I can help

if your at home
out of work
You are likely self medicating.

Im not saying you need 12 step or anything like that
but you are bordering on alcohol abuse
if not just out and out abusing alcohol

If its a problem just stop.
If you cant do it alone or think its crazy to stop
see someone.

you can probably find free counseling to talk


I cut down from drinking almost every day to drinking 1-2 nights per week AT MOST last year (college, "not alcoholism"). I just decided that I wanted to get healthy and felt that health and physique concerns were more important. I was lifting almost every day while drinking that much, but still not seeing amazing results.

Since cutting down, I lost 30-35 pounds, then following that cut put 10-15 back on. I'm currently leaner then I was following the 30ish pound cut and stronger than I was before dropping the weight. It was not an easy decision at first, but the results are more addictive than the drink.

Good luck man, either dig deep and find the drive to be something better yourself, or find someone you can talk to who will help you find that drive. It gets a hell of a lot easier once you get rolling, especially if you have something like health/physique goals to motivate you.


< - - - - - - - - - absolutely the wrong guy to ask - mebbe you and I can start a 12 step program together?

Hi, I'm Edgy, and I'm a self-medicator

Group: Hi Edgy


Get help man, it's not worth all you stand to lose from this kind of drinking. Find an AA meeting, my father in law was a drunk for 25 years, was a total asshole, got himself clean and is the best person I know. Pick yourself up and take charge of your life.


Ha ha ha! We should hang out, want to go out for a keg or two? The best way to defeat any addiction is by growing a powerbeard.

Seriously, Maarktb you're self medicating so you might as well self diagnos...you have a problem. I am in the same unemployed boat and it is tempting to dive into a bottle (really I don't drink a lot of beer, it gives me a tummy ache but I love gin cause I'm fistacated) but you have to remember getting drunk just means you'll wake tomarrow unemployed again, with a hangover and less money.

"No eternal reward will forgive is now For wasting the dawn" Jim Morrison, poet, musician, bloated corpse.


while I am generally the total opposite of a teetotaler, you have to moderate/modify, or give it up entirely. I also believe that even at 40 or whatever you can go through an experimental phase. but unemployed and drinking Bud just sounds kinda depressing to me, although when I was unemployed I got employed by filling out an app for a job while drinking Beam. had very little recollection of it


FWIW, it killed my Dad at 42. Cirrhosis (sp?) of the liver. Sounds to me like you're doing it out of depression (at least at first), more than anything else. Best thing for you, IMHO, is go ahead and take one of those jobs that "aren't worth a damn", MAKE it worth a damn by the way you do it, look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you're better than this. If you weren't, you wouldn't have come on here looking for advice. Brother, if life kicks you in the teeth, kick it the fuck back! Different programs may help or may not, but at the end of the day, the only cat that can help you, is YOU. Bring your ass back in here on a regular basis, read what all these impressive MFers are doing (that's helping me), let us all know how you're doing and move forward. Good luck!


Drinking due to depression can easily form into a habit which can easily form into health problems.

for those on this forum, drinking heavy does not make one an alcoholic, drinking uncontrollably, and beating your wife and family - that, to me, is the definition of an alkie -


I'm down~


Okay what is that exactly? Cause its not like being ghey you either suck dick or you dont.

So where is the line?


it is a blurry line, but I have known alcoholics in my day. one beer will send them on a rocket sled to hell. they can't stop and it usually ends with the rest of the day being out of control.

a habit, is waking up the next morning, saying that you wont do it again, and yet by 4pm, getting thirsty for a beer. becomes a lifestyle.

self medicating is drinking until you feel better, and keep yourself at that level.

this is a difficult concept, understood. but please dont question me on it, I'm an expert.


Edgy when a person starts to have a little tremor to their hands by 4 pm and they just need a beer, its a problem.

Ask me all about it, I'm Batman


I have a female friend who drinks 2 bottles of wine by herself every single night without fail and she doesn't think she has a drink problem either because she doesn't drink in the morning or because she doesn't pass out. She only weighs about 8 stone too.

Every heavy drinker seems to have a reason why they are not an alcoholic. "I only drink in company, never alone", "I can hold down a job" and "I don't drink 'til after 6pm" etc etc.

She has just had a blood test that's shown that her red blood cells are enlarged, but I don't think it's going to make any difference. She suffers with stomach trouble and loads of other ailments, but she blames everything but the booze, stress, wheat etc.

It goes back to first admitting you have a problem and OP just calling it a habit, makes me think he hasn't yet.

Edgy and Kraken - Arranging to go out for a beer on a thread about a guy worried about his drinking, LOL.


x 10


I know a little about drinking. It runs rampant in my family. Parents, grandparents, uncles, siblings.....dude, they never think they have a problem. I didn't either until I was honest with myself. So quite being a pussy and cut that shit out. Period. You'll be better at everything in your life. Other than the anecdotal benefits of booze, there aren't any. Booze doesn't make ya smart, attractive, jacked/ripped, rich or creative. Or anything positive. Sure it makes you feel good, but it's not real. You bought that "feeling" in a bottle and after your liver processes it, it's gone. Maybe it's like making love to your wife as opposed to bangin' a whore.....the bottle is the whore(moment of bought happiness) Wife is real happiness (hopefully).


You can argue the semantics of "an addiction" versus "a problem," but it really just comes down to being a functional alcoholic versus a full-blown fuckup. Neither one is healthy.

I'm all for cutting loose and having a good time somewhat sparingly, but drinking daily (anything more than a beer with dinner or something to that effect) is really not good. Just because there are no social or career consequences doesn't mean it's ok.

And no, I'm not talking out of my ass. I was a 60+ drink per week guy about a year and a half ago, and even though I never ran into any repercussions apart from shitting on my body, I really regret doing that.