Advice with Bulking Cycle Diet

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some advice with bulking. I’m fairly knowledgeable with nutrition and supplementation but thought it wouldn’t hurt to get some advice from some advanced guys.

I’m 5’9" 30 years old 9-10% bodyfat. Ive done two competitions and usually cut to about 170lbs. I’m now attempting a “clean” food bulk. I’ve increased food to the point where it is so much that it’s hard to get down and I still cannot break the 188lbs mark. Diet is as follows:

Meal 1: 8 egg whites 2 eggs 2 tbsp Mac nut oil
Meal 2: 40g whey 90g carbs from cream of rice post workout with 10g glutamine
Meal 3: London broil 4.5 oz with 6 oz basmati rice
Meal 4: 4.5 oz grilled chicken 6oz basmati rice 64g almond butter
Meal 5: 4.5 oz London broil 2 slices ezekial bread
Meal 6: 4.5 oz grilled chicken 6 oz basmati rice 1oz almonds
Meal 7: 8 egg whites 2 eggs 4 slices ezekial bread 1tsp coconut oil
Meal 8: 40g whey with 2 tbsp Mac nut oil

Intraworkout 5g creatine with 7g bcaa

Cardio is on my 2 non training days. 25 minutes HIIT with 15 sprint intervals. I’m lifting heavy and intense as possible.

Like I said, weight has plateaued. I’ve added a refeed Wednesday 8oz steak with 1/2 pound of pasta, and cheat meal sat where I eat a load of food. I’m not seeing much growth.

Thanks for any advice!

Are you currently on a cycle? If so what are you running?

If not when are you starting/what will you be running?

What is the macro breakdown for your current diet?

Running test cyp 500 a week, deca 400 a week 3iu gh. I’d have to calculate the numbers to get the macro breakdown, my prep coach usually does that.

4044 calories 131 fat 358 carb 324 protein

You have high metabolism, im guessing. Your diet is right on, i dont know much about gh , are you overtrained, do you have physical job ?

Personally i would probably start by keeping total calories around the same but reduce fat and considerably increase carbs. Once you have given it some time i would then continue to gradually increase the carbs as required.


What is your training?

Get in as much intraworkout supps as your budget allows -ideally Plazma but more bcaas/aminos and some karbolyn also good

Physical job is very sedentary. I was thinking metabolism is high as well although it’s getting difficult to get all these calories down.

I’ll give that a try

I eat a ton of spinach and brocolli as well as a scoop of green vibrance every morning. Intra workout I do 7g bcaa with 5 grams of creatine

Could be absorbtion issue, it is easy to drink calories then eat, i think some of those Olympia’s guys who eat 5 pound of meat a day take digestive enzymes.

Ok good to hear.

Yep double the bcaas as a start

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