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Advice While Out w/ Torn Hip Labrum

Looking for advice for training and diet while I recover from a scope to repair a torn labrum in my left hip.

The surgery was on July 27th. My orthopedic has me riding a stationary bike for an hour 2-4 hours a day at lowest resistance. I start regular physical therapy Wednesday.

I’m 6’3 235 25% BF at 37yrs. Used to weigh 350 and have been training steady for 10 years.

My plan was doing PT, bike, and maybe adding machine and cable work for upper body. No weights or anything that may stress the hip area. I’m able to move around with a slight limp. I can put weight on the leg. Was thinking of shoulder+chest machines, pec dec, and cables for upper body movements.

My diet right now has been intermittent fasting from 6pm-10am.
10:00am 2 scoops of Vega Vanilla protein powder cinnamon turmeric
12:30 Large spinach kale salad with avacado and ACV/EVOO 3 eggs
3:00 Zucchini, Vega shake with coconut oil, half avacado chai seeds
6pm Half a bag steamed cauliflower rice and broccoli, 3 eggs, Lara bar