Advice Wanted, Sheiko Bench Plan

If anyone can provide tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

is the program I’m thinking about doing for a month for my winter break. Let me say I that my bench is out of whack. It’s nearly half as strong as my deadlift. The best lift I’ve done on that was 220 for 3. Just last week or so I only managed a pathetic 195 for 8. I am weak at the bottom of the lift, and want to fix it by doing board work (2 boards). I understand this program is old and high volume but that just may be what I need.

Things I’m unsure of and would like advice on:

  1. I’m assuming “Bench press locality” can be used for board presses.
  2. Has anyone tried this workout with success (particurarily those with a weak bench in the first place).
  3. By “5.Latisimus dorsi. 8Х5,” I’m assuming BB rows, correct?
  4. I don’t plan on improving my deadlift if much at all and there is absolutely no pulling in this program. It’d feel weird to not do some form of the deadlift. Any comments on this?
  5. Anybody still rock the leg extension? Any comments on that?

I’ve got experience with Bill Starr’s 5x5 and Glenn Pendlay’s 5x5 and 3x3. I’m currently training DC but would like to specialize on the bench.

My other lifts which were tested exactly 2 months ago are:
Squat ATG: 405
Deadlift: 495

As far as I can remember, my bench has always been week at the bottom. I’ve got lanky and long arms. I’m considering giving this program a try in order to further improve my technique and get a better groove…hopefully improving muscle coordination.

Other notes:
I’m planning to eat A LOT of food in preparation to get the most out of this program (4000+ cals 1 gal milk tons of meat and veggies)

I want to compete raw in powerlifting and suited in the future with hopes of my bench not being 1/2 my deadlift.

I have done this program with 2 boards as replacements for lockouts. It works.

This program, as I understand it, was written for an injured lifter. Why would you stop deadlifting and squatting? Why not just do a regular sheiko and work on all three?

Bench pressing 1/2 your dead is not necessarily that bad. Dont worry about it. Just get stronger.

May I just say one thing, if you are following a strict plan such as sheiko then you really do need to stick rigidly to the plan.

I see people make mistakes when they try to customise a plan, another big mistake is upping the weights when the workout seems to be “light”, that workout may have been intentionally planned to be light.
Good luck and report back with your results good or bad.

[quote]RockmanX88 wrote:
I am weak at the bottom of the lift, and want to fix it by doing board work (2 boards).

I couldn’t go any further on this until this is addressed…

If you’re weak on the bottom or off the chest, why would you suspect that board work would fix that deficiency?

Board work fixes mid to upper end lockout strength.

If you’re weak off the chest, I’d recommend speed sets to fix that along with DB Bench for some volume. When the DB Bench stops working, move to regular Bench for sets of 3-5 reps.

After 6-8 weaks of work, re-test your Bench to see where you’re at. My guess would be that you’re weakness will move either to the lockout or somewhere midrange, and in that case, then you can start working the boards.

Its 2 boards instead of lockouts in the prescribed sheiko program.

There will be plenty of benching in the program to work on the strength of his chest. Lots of Dips, flies and dumbbell benches too.

Redroast, I don’t believe this program is for injured lifters, not arguing that you’re wrong, but the program has squats, goodmornings, and hyperextensions (no deadlifts in this program… I would assume the lifter would have an injured lower back/glutes/hams). Reason for this program? I really want to focus on the bench press (put greater emphasis in) and I feel as if I am imbalanced compared with other big 2 lifts. Thank you for your feedback on how the program worked for you. Did you use this while you were injured?

Halftooth, that is my mistake (the aftermath of college finals). I will do bench pauses and do the prescribed lockouts in the program with 2 board presses. Some powerlifters recommend 2 board presses when you are doing board work instead of 3 when the lifter is weaker at the bottom, from what I understand which makes sense. Bench press pauses and speed bench pressing with lighter loads is my plan while on the program.

Thank you all and I will report back if the results are good or bad.

If anyone else can chime, it would be greatly appreciated