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Advice Wanted: Husband On Cycle, Not Training

I’m not sure this is the right place to be asking, but you are the guys in the know and I’d like some advice. My husband takes steriods and currently has cypionate, enanthate, propionate, tren and dianabol in his box. He injects on a regular basis at least twice a week but could be more. My issue is that he doesn’t go to the gym! When he realised I knew he was injecting he said it was because he was getting back to the gym, but he’s been once in 8 weeks and has been injecting for way longer than that with no planned cycle and no break. I don’t understand the reason for taking this stuff if he’s not working out, other than it gives him a constant hard on! My husband is a recovered addict and my concern is that this has now become an addiction. He also takes anti depressants which i have read dont mix well with steroids. I wondered if anyone could give me their thoughts on this - how worried I should be and give advice on how to stop safely? Thanks in advance

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This is heavy stuff.
I was a former drug addict, as well. And I’m not really ‘in the know’ about steroids like many here but I think He is going way overboard considering ‘he doesn’t even lift’ (i always wanted to say that in context). Is he is good shape at least? I could understand test only.
He could be addicted to the needle like many IV drug addicts are. Was he using IV drugs?
Regardless, try talking to one of his friends if you’re close to them to help you pr confront him outright.
My opinion is that he’s being a reckless idiot but please wait for a more experienced person to comment before making up your mind. I’m near clueless on the subject.

How long has he been using steroids without a break, and how old is he? If it’s been a really long time, then he’s likely a strong candidate for TRT prescribed through a doctor.

One thing to remember is that, as far as his health is concerned, it really doesn’t matter if he’s lifting or not. It’s not like steroids are more dangerous if you don’t lift. So you should ask yourself if it would bother you if he was using steroids and actually going to the gym.

It also sounds like you don’t know what he’s actually taking. It could be, essentially, self prescribed TRT if he’s just taking 2 1ml shots per week. Doesn’t seem like that’s clear.

I really just wanted to throw some things out there for you to consider to help you decide what path to take. I would personally encourage the TRT through a doctor route. If it really is something along the lines of simply being addicted to injections, that could be a safer way to feed that addiction. It would also be a better option than stopping altogether. If he stops, he’s going to crash his hormone levels. Which means he would go through a shitty mental experience. TRT would help avoid this. So, he could run TRT while he’s not lifting, and if he so chooses and you’re ok with it, run more gear while he is actually going to the gym.

Hope this helps!

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Yes, you should be worried. As for how to get him to ease off, you might ask someone who has worked with drug addicts and alcoholics. I knew a gym owner who used to be a competitive bodybuilder and he banned steriods from his gym because abusing it can make people violent.

can you qualify this with an explanation?

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Aside from the part of my post where I said abusing steriods can make people violent, they can have negative effects on internal organs.

so this is an anti steroid post in general, rather than a post specific to this case, correct?

You know this is the steroid section of the website, where it is generally assumed that yes, there are risks involved with taking steroids. It sounds like your advice would be no one should take steroids. Which is utterly ridiculous in this section of the website.


I don’t think you should listen to anyone telling you to be worried. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be, but no one here can tell you if you need to be. For all anyone here knows, your husband is taking a very small dose to improve his test levels. I can understand being in a place where getting that straight and hoping that it motivates the next step of actually getting into a gym makes sense. My advice is to talk to him, not attack him about it. Have him show you how much he uses and what, and then write it down, so you can educate yourself on it. Tell him, you want to help anyway you can. I’d also suggest he start reading and join this site so he can learn for experienced people how best to use the drugs that he has. Aside from that, it’s all speculation and you could just as easily be getting yourself worked up over something as simple as him trying to improve his energy level…and all the other negatives of low T

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“abusing it can make people violent”… hmmm I’m waiting for some factual evidence to back this one up. How should she be worried? Seems like the only “negative” side he is having is always rocking a hard on like a 15 year old… Doesn’t seem to be a negative to me. Steroids make you more of what you are. If you are an asshole then you’ll just be more of an asshole. Weird, because I associate myself with quite a bit of bodybuilders and people who use AAS. They are the nicest and most helpful people I have ever been around.

“They can have negative effects on internal organs.” Hmm thanks Einstein… So can drinking, smoking, and a world of other shit that people do every single day.

So please spare us the bullshit of how you THINK steroids are bad. You know what is worse than injecting test into your body??? Having low testosterone levels.

I apologize to the OP for going on a rant. To feed off of what @flipcollar said, it seems like he is addicted to pinning. I don’t see it as being a problem if it is not having a negative effect on your relationship

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Appreciate all the advice - thanks! He’s 39 and previous addictions were to coke and alcohol, so don’t think using needles is an issue. He’s dabbled for 2 years with steriods, never going to the gym more than once a month but has been in full swing for 6 months now without any gym visits at all - pretty much since since quiting alcohol and coke 6 months ago, hence my concern of using it as a feel good replacement. Glad to know not working out doesn’t make any difference to any potential side effects. He’s very secretive about this and lies about how often he injects but I will try to talk and see exactly how much of what he’s using. I’m not necessarily against him using them for the right reasons - just all seemed v odd to me to be using and not hitting the gym and to not have a plan and breaks.

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Yeah dont know the full picture, but seems ridiculous. Tell him to get off his fat ass and get to the gym. Tren in particular is for very serious/heavy training

this is so hard to advise on because it’s hard to imagine the relationship dynamic between you and your husband. It doesn’t seem particularly healthy. It sounds like you’re open to talking to him about this in an honest way, and you don’t seem like you are judging him. So his secretiveness seems baffling. My guess is he’s addicted to lying as well.

As far as the needle thing… I was a coke/alcohol addict in my early 20’s. Never injected drugs. I can tell you from my own experience that an addiction to the needle IS something that could really be the case now for your husband. It does happen. Not necessarily the case, but it’s definitely possible.

Have steroids positively affected his physique? Is he noticeably bigger/stronger using them, or do you think it’s truly been a waste?

Three drugs mentioned that he takes/abused are antidepressants, alcohol, and cocaine. All have been linked to lower testosterone levels.

Is it possible that maybe instead of turning to drugs to feel good again, he’s self medicating? You say he used steroids before, so he could tell the difference, and maybe fell back to that rather than railing lines – which I’d say, is far more safer.

Maybe he doesn’t even need the antidepressants and is a good candidate for TRT.

As a former drug addict and one who is experienced in trying to help people i can assure you of a couple things…

  1. If you try to figure of exactly how much of what and when he is using then expect to be lied to.
  2. Unfortunately, he probably has not been sober entirely for 6 months. I’m generalizing here but odds are he os not. I’m sorry to say. I hope he is sober.
  3. You are spot on about this being a ‘feel good replacement’ it’s one addiction for the other. When people get clean they replace the addiction with another. Sometimes a healthy one like the gym or AA and sometimes an unhealthy one like gambling or escorts(debatable). And sometimes they take the healthy thing to an unhealthy level. Like excessive steroids taken recklessly with not working out.
    You’re damned if you do, damned if you dont.
    Get him some inpatient treatment for addiction wether he’s actively using or not. Treat the root cause and get him some sobriety under his belt.

OP, Is he taking any ancillary drugs like Clomid, tamoxifen, HCG etc? If he’s using aromatase inhibitors and recovery drugs then at least he’s done some research and isn’t just firing up whatever he’s got.

Some of those drugs can cause ED if used the wrong way. That is the #1 way to make a guy depressed. An idea I had that could help you be supportive even if he doesn’t want to talk about it. Gather info (Dan Duchaine’s underground steroid handbook 1 and 2 is a good start) that could help him at least use AAS in a non-stupid way. Give him 3 or 4 “how to” manuals so he can avoid permanent shutdown.

You didn’t say what country you’re in. If you’re in the U.S. just know those drugs are scheduled the same way as heroin with similar sentencing guidelines. If he will talk about use then make sure he’s buying them smart so he doesn’t add a drug charge to his recovering life.

Again, I’d suggest finding out what he’s actually doing before jumping the gun and suspecting him of all kinds of shit. If the two of you can’t be honest with each other for whatever reason, maybe counseling is needed.

Your original question was how worried do you need to be, and at this point, I’d say there is a completely plausible scenario where your husband is only trying to improve himself. Even the fact that he has several different compounds means nothing in my mind, without know exactly what he’s taking and how much. I have a half a dozen different things that I don’t plan on taking, but keep getting given to me. I’m not going to throw them out, and maybe some day I’ll work them in. If you just looked at some of the things I have in My “box”, you could make tons of incorrect assumptions of what I’m doing.

If you really feel like you can’t get a straight answer from him regarding what he’s actually using, then try taking pictures or something and comparing what’s missing. I think even that is counter to the direction you should go.

I still think you should talk to him and get him involved in this board. There are a lot of people with real knowledge on here…but it will take a little effort sifting thru the bullshit that some people feel the need to spout out… and no matter what he’s doing this is a good place to go to find out how to be as safe as possible.

Well you choose a trash husband, what do you want people to say to you.

Even taking steroids when you are training seriously is pretty trash.

dude why even post in this section if that’s all you have to say?


Case in point with this douche bag comment, and the inability of some people to just go on to the next topic when it has nothing to do with them

I see what you mean!! So conversation last night and it’s 300 a week in total (every other day) - combination of cypionate & tren. Is that excessive? I asked why tren and he said to prevent tummy bloating? He explained the other stuff was old empty bottles from ages ago - I did check and they are all empty. He says he has been doing chin ups etc at home - I’ve seen him do the odd few but I wouldn’t call that working out by any means. He is bigger than he was and thats something he pointed out to me last night- chest, back and shoulders. He took my concerns on board, said i had put him on the spot a little and that he would have a think about things. Left it at that last night but will show him this site tonight.