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Advice w/ Gym Stereo System

So I made a post last week about advice on a shelf stereo system for a home gym. I made an offer on a townhome. If all goes well it will be mine. 26x14 basement. Dry walled with 9ft ceilings. The plan is to turn this into a home gym. A gym needs music. So I’ve been trying to start looking now as what I should get.

Initially I thought about buying just some top of the line shelf system. But many people were against that idea. So I started looking into peicing my own set-up together.

Initially I had my eyes on these:


But after everyone comments I’ve looked into peicing my own system together. I went to Best Buy to look, listen and price the stuff out. I deally I want to stay around the $500-800 price range. Chances are I would buy off of online or ebay, as the 's are much cheaper then Best Buy.

I was just planning on having 2 floor speakers. a am/FM tuner, and a CD reciever. But then I listened to how much of a differance a center channel makes. WOW.

So now I’m leaning towards a 5.1 reciever with 2 floor speakers and a center channel.

This is what I’m currently looking @:

CD revievers:


I’ve also looked @ some other units on ebay. ie: onkyo, yamahaa, pioneer etc…






Floor speakers:




Center ch.
Still undecided. Probally a JBL or Klipsch.

Again if you know anyhting about any of these peices. I would love to hear your input. I want to stay between $500-$800. Will buy online. This setup will be used only in the gym basement. Im not planning to add a TV or anything extra. I just want great sound for training on a budget.

Thanks brothers

[quote]MNguns wrote:
If all goes well it will be mine. 26x14 basement. Dry walled with 9ft ceilings. The plan is to turn this into a home gym.

Is it wrong that I got an erection when I read that?

Something like this should be plenty:

I think what you are talking about would be overkill.