Advice to Maximize Androgenic Effects?

Hello gents,

first of all, thank you in advance for helping me without judging my life decisions.
That said, what is the best way to get as much androgenic effects as possible? I want to become very hairy. I’m positive it’s possible for me, since I have hairy arms and legs. It just feels like I need a boost for the rest of the body and beard. I do have fuzz all over. Maybe it has something to do with androgen receptors that didn’t activate?
What do you guys think I should take to achieve results? I would really appreciate your support and expertise.

Thanks again

So I’ve always been able to grow a beard pretty rapidly. Chest hair is relatively full. Arms and legs are probably average. Hair on the back of my body was nonexistent for my whole life. Once on trt I started to get hair in patches on my shoulders (minimal, but I went from none to some) and on my lats (again minimal). I now have to shave my face daily if I don’t want to have a shadow and be prickly. That was just from trt. Since then nothing I’ve used has changed the basic layout of where my hair is and how much I have. Testosterone alone will fill in body hair and may cause you to have a thicker beard. It’s a ymmv situation.

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I don’t think it’s the same for everybody, but getting on TRT increased body hair and beard hair.

First I would gladly give you all the new hair I’ve grown since being on TRT sans the full beard. I couldn’t grow a full beard to save my life and now I would have to shave daily for smooth. Test and DHT derivatives definitely active new follicles.

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