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Advice to Get Started for People with Little Motivation?

I have lots of people in my life right now that I want to give advice to. Example: A good buddy of mine wants to start getting in shape. He is a bigger guy who is the naturally strong type. (6’0, 220) But he is fluffy/overweight. Hes always saying that he has no motivation to start exercising. Hes a local firefighter so he should be somewhat capable. I can tell he wants to get started as he wants shortcuts LOL no name test boosters hes been taking solely his own decision. But as far as exercising goes what is the most effective strategy that doesn’t require a lot of dedication?

What would be the best thing to tell him to find motivation and what would you recommend to a beginner that just wants to look better minimally without a lot of thinking required?

Motivation is a sham. Motivation is what gets people to go super hardcore for a week and a half before hanging it all up again. It’s what happens after watching a Rocky movie and deciding you want to get in shape again. Basically, the best advice is to quit looking for motivation and to just do it.

I find priorities much more valuable here. You have a choice to prioritize being in shape or eating yummy things and not working out. Neither choice is wrong; they’re all personal decisions. However, the day you prioritize the former over the latter, you’ll need no motivation, because you’ve made the decision that THIS is what you want. You simply have to want it more than you don’t want to do what it takes.

As for easing into it, going on a daily walk is a great start. So many people are so sedentary in their daily lives that simply getting up and going for a walk does a ton of good for their wellbeing. And once they establish the habit of engaging in some sort of dedicated daily exercise, the switch to something more strenuous is less traumatic.


The fundamental fact is that I must first force myself. It is an absolute shit when someone thinks that only some videos will help him to motivate.

I recommend download the app by Boris Sheiko and starting his programs for beginners - i.e. 1x preparation mesocycle and 1x competition mesocycle (2 months of training). Upon completion of two months, he may continue boldly to heavier programs written by Boris Sheiko. However, it is important to have the right technique and sufficient flexibility.

Have they asked for your advice?

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@scott1997 maybe have his firefighting buddies help him out with some banter:

@T3hPwnisher is bullying ok if its for diet gains?

Srsly tho I don’t think y’all should be looking for “motivation” whatever that is/means. Will probably waste loads to time with a good chance of getting fuck all done at the end of it trying to muster up the motivation to dedicate months to a long diet. Don’t think about it as a long, grueling process. Just start.

All your buddy needs is to start. One walk, one healthy diet choice, one whatever. Just start something. Do the same the next day or do even more. Take things one day at a time and before you know it you’re being consistent and that’s half the battle.

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Amongst adults, sure.


people generally aren’t opposed to thinking. it’s the willingness to put in effort that is more likely the limiting factor.

that being said, there is one thing that just about anyone can do that requires absolutely no thinking, will yield physique and health benefits, and effort is minimal. That is ‘avoid all sugar’. Don’t eat sugar. eliminate sodas, candy, cookies, etc. That alone can make a huge impact for a lot of people, and it can be a way to get the ball rolling for making greater improvements. If an overweight person does this and, say, loses 20 lbs, I think they are more likely going to be inclined to continue their journey by further modifying diet or engaging in exercise that they might otherwise have been.


yes, as in my family I am the only person into the “healthy lifestyle”

This is an awesome idea! I wasnt looking for workout regimens that require alot of planning and time. More so just a simple, cost free, time free but also effective. Ill consider this for sure.

Motivation is for stuff you don’t want to do. “Exercising” sounds like boring, stupid work. Like jogging, or walking around the mall waving dumbbells or something. Not fun, and seemingly unconnected to my goals.

If dude wants to look better, go to the gym and do some

Seated Dumbbell Press
Tricep Pushdowns
Rear Delt Raises

Let your homeboy see himself getting pumped up in the mirror. Direct connection between the effort and the results.

Or if he wants to be more Capable as a fire fighter, get his interest with something “functional.” Get him breathing hard with a “Work” circuit like

Farmers Walk With Dumbbells
Chin Ups

Show him that the weights are Just Like dragging hoses around and climbing ladders.

In reality we know Arm Day Beach Pump is not great. And Functional Training is silly. But it’s just to get your friend started and hooked.