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Advice to Fix Metabolic Damage?

Hi Chris, guys

need to know if my prob is some kind of metabolic damage or it is something different.
for years i am struggling with belly fat or fat at general. im 230 pound guy and for long time i was eating cca 2000kcal and my weight was not moving. now when gyms are closed, i am not training at all and i increased my calories. i was expecting weight gain but…nothing happened. its a month and my weight is not changing even i am working out or not. some advices? thx

i dont know too much about metabolic damage bro but i heard that you have to eat a lot of protein to fix it, so just try eating more protein

eating probiotics may help too, and sleeping, tons of sleeping

The existence of actual metabolic damage has been disputed and is unlikely in your case. That you say you didn’t lose weight on 2000 cal or gain on higher also leads me to think this. If your metabolism was actually damaged, where it was running low and you couldn’t lose weight on low cal, then it would still run low when you increased cal and you would gain weight, not stay the same.

What is more likely is you were miscalculating both you calorie intake and activity levels. Eating less or more can have a large impact on your NEAT, even if you aren’t aware of it. When you are on lower calories, you may find yourself fidgeting less, maybe deciding on the escalator instead of stairs, etc, and the opposite when you have more food and energy. Food has thermogenic properties itself, as it takes work to break it down and digest it.

Metabolic adaptation is a better term than damage.

That is absolutely accurate. The main reason for it is chronically elevated cortisol levels. This will reduce the conversion of T4 into T3 (cortisol inhibits that conversion) and can even increase the conversion to reverse T3 (T3 binding protein) which further decreases active T3 levels.

This obviously leads to a decrease in metabolic rate but also in low energy and chronic pain.

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You’re probably not eating the total cals you think you are. Have you previously, or are you now, weighing all of your food on scale? People are notoriously terrible with guesstimating their total caloric intake. As a 230 pound man, if you were truly eating 2,000 a day consistently,you’d probably be losing weight. If you weren’t weighing your food and sticking to it on a daily basis, you were probably eating more than 2,000 a day, then probably days where you’d eat out or have a family event or something else to bump up total weekly calorie even further.


What did you have to eat yesterday in detail. If you can not provide foods and weights for a day - you are guessing at calories and then this:

is going to be your issue.

Keep a food diary. Always step one. Record what you eat, total calories and protein. You’ll be shocked.

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@Christian_Thibaudeau, besides carbohydrates, what can be done naturally, or medicinally, to lower cortisol and increase T4->T3 conversion?

I didnt count calories every day, but i bought neurotype 3fat loss diet. There was recommended 2200-2700 kcal for non training and training day for my weight. And when i ate 2200 kcal 2 days in a row without training, i knew it was more than my normal calorie intake before this fatloss program.paradox…
Maybe my body has adapt to this low calorie and now i have problem to eat 3000 kcal (i feel my belly is just full of food and i have to force myself to eat) and improve my body comp and psyche.
Little correction, i just jumped on scale after month and i gained 2kg. But i looks same n mirror so i didnt expect some weightchanges.

hope your doing great what you need to do is to asses your maintenance Calories and built from there ex if you are eating 2000 Calories a day then you bump up like 100-150 and basically it would be from Carbs+Fats and carbs would be your best friend and for Proteins no question it should be fixed at your bodyweight through the process

and every week try to have biofeedback markers like hunger response, Sleep , Energy , body Temp

and after the week is done increase your calories accordingly until you hit our target which could be 2500-2700 Calories based on your goals but going from 0-100 your body will refuse all this food

so should i slightly increase calorie intake every week to some point (for example 3000-3500) and count with some fat gain and after fixin this prob and speeding up metabolic rate start cutting?

First, make sure you’re tracking accurately and make sure your tracking everything. Are you using an app or doing it manually? This doesn’t have to be permanent, but you’ll need to know where you’re starting from and to keep track of changes. Are you still not training at all?

Yep i am using app. Training…just some bodyweight exercises. Gyms are closed here and i dont have any equip at home

Just my .02 I seriously doubt you have metabolic issues, and just need to do a better job of tracking your calories consistently. Unless you’re weighing every single thing you eat and are incredibly consistent every day, you’re likely consuming more cals than you think.


@rohlik do you meal prep?

I’ve observed with others, and myself at times of less rigor, that I’ll be making a single/two-serving meal and find excuses to add things in. Like, I went on a longer than normal walk so what harm does an X make where X is some low calorie thing. Many a little makes a mickle.

Or, maybe you are super rigorous but sleep-eating. Ever wake up with a weird taste in your mouth? Been there…

Hmm. Do you live in a port city?

Ahahaha, no. That reminds me of a scene from Norsemen. Cheers. Talking about sleep-eating.

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