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Advice to Find a Doc That's Ok with Self- injecting?

Any advice you guys can give I would appreciate. I drive a pretty good distance to the doc I have now for my weekly injections. I would like to move to injecting at least twice a week and really do not want to make that drive because it would be hard to fit into my schedule. When I approached my doc about this and she was quite taken aback by my request and said no we never do that. I’m looking for a doc that will be good with prescribing me test for self injection.

A lot of guys here swear by a company called Defy Medical. Its all over the phone service.

@systemlord is with them and will probably comment soon.

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Thank you sir

Did you ask 1) why they don’t allow for home injections 2)split up injections.? I have a hard time biting my tounge at stupidity. That was the first line of every email/ phone call i made inquiring into clinics

I asked about splitting up injections and they said it’s not something we do. As far as the reaction I got when I asked to self inject I did not ask why.

I am with defy also and would recommend them. No B.S. they send your meds and let you do your thing. They advocate frequent injections and i believe you can choose esters.it cost me like 800 with the consult, 3months of T 10ml and hcg 12000iu the outside physical and blood work. I’m currently 40mg eod and hcg 400iu 2×w

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It’s unreasonable for any doctor to force weekly office visits for injections, kids are taught to self inject insulin at home and doctors should be encouraging people to be self sufficient.

Often times some clinics like to keep men overly reliant on these clinics for their monetary benefit, administering the injections is how the nurses make a living often at your inconvenience which is totally unreasonable.

Defy Medical is excellent choice.

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Thanks I will definitely be getting in contact with them as it seems it’s easily the overwhelming favorite.

Does that 800 include the initial lab as well or 800 after that?

You can always self treat. Some of us do that after being burned by Drs. Of course its illegal but it’s relatively inexpensive and you are in control.

Definitely intrigued by that as well, but have no clue on where to find anything like that and I know we aren’t allowed to ask for sources on the forum so I’m kind of lost when it comes to that aspect.

The all knowing internet has everything you need.

I can tell you that a reliable internet site will have the opportunity to read the sources reviews and rate them.

I have spent 800 so far and have 3 months of meds at home and dont have bills till i do my 3month labs and consult
$332 medication 3 months $250 initial consult $110 first set of labs. Partial because i already had some from my Drs office. Will probably be like $250 i would guess $100 for a physical at urgent care

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looking for a location requires your location

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Looking into going with Defy. I’m from Tennessee though.

i am in Pa and DR Shippen now retired was my doc. looking for another i got lucky that where my sister was doctoring Family Practice Centers in Pa was open to her using nutritionals + herbals so i called + they do hormones, in fact i would guess the doc i am dealing with uses TRT + like dr ship is good with self administering the shots. not all docs are open to TRT but searching the net + or a lot of phone calls you might get lucky! good luck

Dude skip that and call Dr Nichols. He’s one of the best HRT specialist around and local to you. He is my doc and will take care of you. Dr saya is great to but Nichols is local and I would at least look into it.


I am a colleague of Dr. Nichols. I am in Columbus, OH and happy to help. I do hormone optimization every day.

Dr. Eric


Hey Dr Eric. People are lucky to find someone local that frequents the boards and is up on the latest discussions :slight_smile:

Welcome, the world can always use more hormone optimization doctors.