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Advice to Build a Faster, Leaner, Muscle Body?

Hi -
I have been running daily in morning. And love my outdoor runs. And recently started weight training thrice a week.
Want to now go towards faster getting ripped and have some time at hand given lockdown. And some weights at home.
What should I be doing?
Cardio in morning and weights in evening. That gets to only like 300+300 calrories more or less.
Can you suggest an aggressive plan?
Should I do weight training twice a day and a cardio?


Stats, what do you look like? How are you training? What are you eating?


@ruchirj - The Litvinov workout will work just fine but since you seem to want to build speed, lose fat, and gain muscle…5/3/1 would work just fine. Biggest thing is not to skip the conditioning like many do. It seems to cover all areas of “fitness.”

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hill sprints

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I wouldn’t look to your weight-training as a caloric burn, my friend. Even your cardio is going to have relatively limited impact over the course of a practically-implementable day. Unfortunately, getting ripped will come down to diet. If you’re already thin and don’t have much muscle (this is not an insult, you just mentioned you were already a runner), you still might be disappointed, visually, with that result.


  • Lift weights for muscle
  • Cardio for health
  • Diet for muscle gain (calories up) or fat loss (calories down)

You’ll have to choose where your diet needs to take you based on which side of ripped you currently lie: are you beefy or thin?


Read 10 Dan John articles(including one above)

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