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Advice to Achieve My Goals?

Hi guys, i need some advice. Before I begin here are some details.
Height: 1.8m / 5 feet 10
Weight: 78kg / 171 pounds

Cycle history
Started 3 years ago
5 cycles done. Have used test E, Deca, Tren E, Anavar, Dbol, not all together. Usually test E with another compound.

Current diet
2500 calories a day
Estimated ratio of micronutrients of meals
Breakfast: high protein, low carbs
Lunch: moderate protein, moderate carbs
Dinner: moderate protein, moderate carbs
75% clean diet

My primary aim is increase my athletic perfomance for brazilian jiujitsu (bjj) and secondary aim is to increase muscle.

My training schedule is as follows
Monday, wednesday, friday: brazilian jiujitsu (bjj): 7pm to 9pm
Tuesday, thursday: bjj, 7pm to 9pm, weights: 9pm to 10pm
Saturday: bjj 10am to 1pm
Sunday: weights 11am to 1pm

Question will be

  1. What compounds should i use to help achieve my goals if i am looking at 12 week cycles?
    I would prefer lesser injections in a week.
  2. What training regime and parameters for weights would you recommend?

Much thanks in advance guys!!!

So for performance of the sort that you’re talking about you should look into EQ and/or Tbol. EQ has a good reputation for increased performance capacity, presumably because of its effect on RBC. Tbol was a staple of East German olympians and has some pretty decent science behind it. The rule with orals is always to keep the duration shorter, 4-6 weeks, but there may be some version of a lower-dosing protocol that extends that out longer. Some of those East German athletes took Tbol for an entire year (but at 5-10mgs and not the 50+mgs that we see today) and gained significant performance improvements. I’m not recommending this. I’m merely illustrating the versatility of that particular drug when one thinks about how it has been used before.