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Advice/ tip on vascularity

Two months into using Mag10, Myostat and 4-AD, I am quite pleased and impressed with my result. At 5% bodyfat (135lbs @ 28inch waist, using bodyfat calculator), I consider myself quite lean. However, I don?t seem to show enough vascularity, except when after a cardio session. I have been surfing the net for info but can?t seem to find anything helpful. I am not preparing for contest or show but just would like these info to compliment all my effort for the past two months. Thanks a lot.

It’s mostly due to genetic factors. Those already vascular can enhance it a little (temporarily) before a contest, but that’s about it. I think Arnold used to have a glass of red wine.

Try about 100-200 mg Niacin prior to weights/cardio. Watch out for the flushing effect though.