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Advice, Steroids at 18Y/O?

yeah i want to be a pro bodybuilder

What are your current stats, Years training, diet etc. also move both posts to the pharma section

Most of the better pros I’ve known already looked crazy good well before they started adding in PEDs. While that doesn’t mean there aren’t some who starting using way early, you won’t find many who will advise it in the long run.

Pics? Stats? (I’m not advising either way, just curious)


Are you natural? Just curious because your bio says natural bodybuilder but based on your profile pic you have some pretty crazy muscular development for a natural bodybuilder. @The_Mighty_Stu

2 Natural pro cards, and been drug tested (polys and full spectrum urine work via Quest labs countless times).

If it gives any better perspective though, I’m 5’8, and my heaviest stage weight has “only” been 178 lbs. I way “only” because Dexter JAckson is of similar height, but his stage weight is 40-50 lbs heavier. For a natural though, I like to think that I did pretty ok :slight_smile:


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SARMS vs Prohormones

What do you guys think will be better for not surpressing my natural test and htpa. btw i am 18 and natural and decided to wait until 21 to use steroids

You just posted a post on whether you should
A: blast or cruise at 18
B: cycle at 18
And now you post saying your are waiting til 21 for gear…
Pro hormones are like gear with all the side effects and less gains. Pro hormones are no different from steroids once they have converted into their target hormone and some pro hormones such as epistane are just steroids that have been marketed as pro hormones. There is very little info on sarms and their long term safety, especially at bodybuilding doses, you need to do more research, and move this to the pharma section, be prepped for instant flame. I don’t understand why teenagers always post on here asking for validation to run cycles (I’m 17btw), if you were that sure on running a cycle you wouldn’t be posting on a forum about it asking for other adults to give you the go ahead. Even if you were ready to cycle (which you clearly aren’t given your posts, sorry if I’m being a dick but it’s the truth) no adult would advise an 18 year old to cycle and possibly fuck himself up for the rest of his life unless they had no morals.

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This will end in tears.

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Let’s see a current picture… If you are wanting to take gear at 18, you better at least not look like a bag of ass. Normally, I’d say fuck no to someone taking gear at 18… But this is interesting to me. Let’s see or you need time, training and nutrition… or gear.

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ok ill post one tommorow

Agreed. I’m riveted. Haha.

Good choice staying away from the needle. For SARMS Look into MK677 and cardarine/GW, -not supressing, and allow you to get in a ton more nutrition with out getting sloppy.

Use the knowledge on this site and can make continual progress for many years without needing gear: eat huge and try a tough program like this and at your age can pack on mass really fast…

Not to be that guy, but mk677 isn’t a SARM, it’s a GHS. And cardarine isn’t a SARM, either. It’s a PPAR, and the only thing we know about it—on an actual, clinical level—is that Merck abandoned it because it caused rapid cancer growth in the lab rats.

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Just said as they are marketed/known to the layperson as SARMs.

Yeh somebody always feels the need say it causes cancer.
The study that is so often referred to, subjected rats to supraphysiological dosages of 10mg/kg of body, or to put that in perspective, a 200lb man (roughly 90 kg) dosing around 900mgs of GW-501516 per day. These doses defy any sensible logic not to mention ridiculously expensive, and, therefore, hold no standing at the suggested dosage of 20mg a day.

I personally just take and recommend 10mg for 6 weeks at a time

That is absolutely incorrect. BroMath is not actual math. HED (human equivalent dosage) is calculated by using allometric scaling. The dosage that caused cancer in rats was the HED of .26mg/kg. For a 180lb man that’s 21mg. There’s a reason they halted the study immediately. You think they’d drop a potential blockbuster weight loss drug because it caused cancer at 90x the clinically effective dosage? Right now you’re taking a little less than half the dosage that caused tumors to grow rapidly and across multiple organs. Are the results worth the risk?

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If rats were given a dose of nandrolone, say 20mg/kg weekly, what is the HED?


A cycle 18? I know you have your mind set and fortunately you sound like you have put more consideration into this than most, but I would strongly urge against it. I would also urge against SARMs. Keep in mind that this is a grind that can take years upon years. The IFBB pros you are trying to emulate didn’t jump right on AAS or other compounds after a couple of years of training.

There is no substitute for learning your body, learning how to train and diet properly and taking your time to implement these principles into your routine. At 18 you can easily continue to improve naturally. The drugs aren’t going anywhere.


20 is when your natural test peaks so perhaps wait until you are 20?Idk im 16 so im not gonna tell you to do or not to do as I dont know much about it myself.I know i will not use anything until I am 20-25…