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Advice, Steroids at 18Y/O?

Hi everyone as the title says I am 18 years old and want to take steroids. Ultimately this my decision and I will do them so please do not lecture me not to, as I just want some assistance from you guys. I have been reading posts on this site for a couple months and just decided today to make an account and gets some intake. Anyways I am 5’11 185lbs 11% bf and work out 6 days a week. I want to take steroids in order to be a competitive bodybuilder (also I dont like the natural bodybuilder look at all compared to the enhanced look). I know steroids wont do the work for me and just help to let me train more often and increase protein synthesis. I have added about 25lbs of muscle in 2 years and have the stretch marks to prove it. I have done a significant amount of research on cycles and have decided that I will do 400-500mgs of test a week for 10-12 weeks (I am leaning towards test e for less injections but regardless of ester I know I will do a test only cycle). Also for 400mgs i will need an AI so do you guys think I should just go with arimidex or something else?(and the dosage i heard its like a feel thing and a little different for everyone?) Also for the HCG I have read everything from people using it for the entire duration of cycle to people using it 10 days before a pct (so any advice for me due to my age would be awesome). Incase I come off as trying to know everything I do appologize as that is not my intention I am just trying to educate myself and learn from you guys. Also injections are the way to go as they are not as hard on the body as orals. I am first year university and have worked during the summers for 3 years so I can afford to get quality ACG AI and PCT as I dont want to cheap out and would rather pay a higher price for it. If I left something out feel free to write a comment and I will give more information about me.I am going to get a blood test in a couple to check all my levels especially free T and such. I really appreciate you guys helping me out and and giving me information to make this as safe as possible though it is an oxymoron for an 18 year old to take steroids safely, but I digress. Anyways, Thanks guys and any response is helpful. :wink:

ADVICE: Steroids at 18Y/O.

Don’t lel. Ride the natty gain train for a few years and come back later. You seem to be on the right track and better prepared than most teens who pop in asking for advice so props. Still…

What’s the rush if you wanna make it big… pun lel whats a few years in a journey of decades. Sorry for lecture and english k bai thnx

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You have obviously taken the time to carefully word this thread in a manner geared toward avoiding the anticipated bashing that comes with your age on this site.

I can not stop you from this choice all I can do is cover a few points and provide a possible alternative;

  1. You did not even mention a possible PCT plan, are you hoping someone will do the work and write one for you? Probably not, you just forgot to include it with your original post. With something so significant in regards to a cycle and you forgot to include it are you sure you have the all your background research done? I noticed you brought up AI and even asked a question. To me that says you have your mind in the game as far as how to get the most out of this cycle but then you go and forget to include your pct plan. Please take a moment and reflect on this because the PCT is the MOST important part of the cycle.

  2. I would recommend you looking into sarms as a Midway point between all natural and a full blown cycle. I still think you are too young to make that permanent of a choice for the rest of your life. What I mean is you are too young to make a decision that could fuck you up for the rest of your life. (Again think about how you forgot to include your pct plan, you have everything else lined out and included) Sarms might be a nice less invasive way for you to move along with your goals. I don’t know much about Sarms but as far as I understand they have less permanent possible side effects.

  3. Why not look into ways to get the most out of your natural test. Maybe a way to lower shbg?

I sincerely ask you to reflect on how ready you thought you were but then forgot to include your PCT plan.

I do commend you for your choice and dosage level for your first cycle, seriously you have obviously been reading. You just might need to do a little more planning and thinking before you make a choice that could effect you for the rest of your days.

thanks for the advice… but does all my numbers sound right with regard to the cycle?

Hi thank you for your input. Yes I forgot to post my PCT. Okay so I was thinking 150mg per day of Clomid for the first 2 weeks than 100mg a day for the next 3 weeks for a total of 5 weeks.

I know you don’t want to hear this but I cannot stress strongly enough what a bad idea this is. At your age your body (assuming you’re normal) is already pumping enough natural testosterone to equal a fairly decent cycle. You say you’ve done a fair bit of reading on this site to help inform your position. I simply ask you to do a search for any of the many threads from guys your age who were in the exact same position you’re in now who come back here and say what a mistake it was to start so early in life…complaints of gyno, no libido, etc. etc.
At 5’11" and 185 I think you’ve got quite a bit of natty gains left in the tank.
Having just written all that I fully understand that you’re going to do whatever the hell you wanna do…it’s your body and future and I wish you luck.

Thanks for your take man your probably right

If the worst thing that will happen if I take 500mgs of Testosterone a week is that I will have to be on it for the rest of my life, that doesnt sound to bad at all. Any Tips or comments are welcome!

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This seems a fun game.

A kick in the nads by a horse every day doesn’t seem so bad if Gal Gadot is there to make the boys feel better afterwards.


Except that’s NOT the worst thing that can happen to you. There’s more than a few threads on here that all sound something like this…
“Hey guys, I just pinned yesterday and now my glute is inflamed and hurts like hell. I can barely walk…do you think I have an abcess?”


“Hey guys, does this look like gyno to you?”


“I tried the HPTA restart and I still have no libido, can anyone help”

Not trying to suggest this will happen to you from a simple run but ask yourself if it’s worth it so early. I would suggest that you invest the money you’ve saved in some quality food and maybe a coach to guide you through proper diet and training…I would be surprised if you don’t see the gains you’re looking for. They may not be as fast as those you might get from gear but they’re much more likely to stick with you and the knowledge and confidence you gain from building them will be priceless.

What about infertility? I know I ABSOLUTELY did not want children at your age, hell I didn’t even think about changing my mind until age 35. I am now with a woman I can only describe as the best person I have ever met and guess what, she wants kids so now I want kids.

It didn’t even phase you that you totally forgot to include a PCT plan. All you are focused on is getting what you want right now as soon as possible without any regards to consequences. That’s called instantaneous gratification and indulging in it at your age sets you up for developing or awakening your addiction Gene.

If you use steroids now you will fuse your growth plates, no more growing at all! Chances are whatever level of natural test you are at now then your body will never go past that naturally. You do understand that your test levels continue to go up until around the age of 25 but if you cycle it’s just about guaranteed you will never produce more than the level of when you started the cycle. (There is even evidence that test levels go up all the way until 35 it’s just we have less free test after age 25) Let me translate that for you, you might miss out on another inch in height and you will never naturally fill out.

If you are serious about professional body building then you need as much natural size as possible. Your bones right now are still slightly elastic so if you train properly you can actually stretch your rib cage to be slightly wider than what nature gives. If you cycle then your growth plates set and the elastic nature of your bones goes away.

It’s the estrogen that the test breaks down into that sends the signal for your growth plates to set. If you cycle those plates set but your organs continue to develop so in theory you could end up looking like you have GH gut without ever touching the stuff. That’s not going to show well on stage. Then if you do use GH it’s just going to get worse (most likely).

Do you really want to spend your career losing because the judges want to see your general physique only on a six foot plus frame and you stunted yourself at 5’11?

So the issue for height is that estrogen fuses the growth plates, therefore if I control my eostrogen with an AI like arimidex would that not solve my problem as far as height goes. Also didnt Arnold take steroids younger than me and continue to grow to 6’2?

Currently my libido is really low like I never feel the need or want to do anything with a girl, so personally for most goes I think loss of libido would be bad but for me it seems like a non issue.

Yes in theory you could control the estrogen. Do you have access and funding available for multiple blood panels throughout your cycle? Remember your half life of cypionate is ABOUT 12 days but then there are other factors to include what oil it is suspended in and your personal metabolism. Not to mention which muscle you inject into. Basically the amount of test being released from the ester continues to go up for about 5 half life’s, then it is some what steady but then that’s when your body tries to lower free levels with more aromatase enzyme and shbg. You could possibly control it all but it would require multiple blood draws per week then getting the results back and trying to adjust dosage to ideal levels but by that time it’s time for the next shot and you have to start the process all over again. You don’t have a lab at your disposal.

I don’t know when Arnold stopped growing. One thing to think about is supposedly his pro card says he is 6’1 but really he is 5’11.5 so trying to figure out when he stopped growing and when he started using would be a crap shoot. Only he knows not some guy on the internet. Also basing your plan on what happened with his genetics is not real smart.

Sorry what I wrote didn’t completely convey my meaning.
Basing your plan off of facts about someone else is not sound. It is not sound because you have no way of verifying those facts. I bet if I spend an hour looking up stuff about Arnolds height, growth history, and usage then I will end up with ten different answers for each. There is no way short of asking him himself to know and then you have to trust he is being accurate. I personally don’t think he would lie if you asked him off of the record but you never know.

The possibility of left ventricular hypertrophy with impaired diastolic functioning (to me at least) is much scarier than an abcess or gyno, not enough data to say for sure whether anabolic steroids def cause it, studies (on humans) have been divided on the topic. (never taken anabolic steroids, but I am on TRT if that counts)

youre going to need to make sure you dont let your estrogen out of hand as your hips will widen and it will stunt your growth

I don’t do steroids but I am a pharmacist. I wouldn’t suggest doing this until a little later in your life when the rebellious, devil-may-care teenager in you subsides. There are many articles that suggest this as I’m sure many professional bodybuilders would also suggest.

That warning aside I would suggest you get a complete panel done for your liver, blood counts, and hormone profile. Anything and everything just so you have a baseline. Go to a knowledgeable MD with experience in this that can help explain the numbers and what they mean for you. They may even explain to you that taking any additional testosterone would actually impede your production. Also be honest and upfront with the MD you choose. He can’t and may not want to help you if he finds out you’re hiding or lying about this. You’re health will be his overall concern, physical and mental.

The comment about your libido being low could be signs of low free testosterone or maybe you’re just not interested, who knows. No easy way to know without getting some blood work. Do this before you even think about even buying a thing.

One other note, Arnold was brought up but what was never mentioned is that Arnold was a top of his class powerlifter. He had a great understanding of his body before he started doing bodybuilding (and possibly doing any enhancements). Just food for thought.

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Blast and cruise or cycling?

So what would you guys reccomend?

Neither, unless you are already on trt for the rest of your life or are trying to become a pro bodybuilder/ competitive athlete… in which I still don’t reccomend it. Move this question to the pharma forum, you will get flamed for sure, however I don’t flame… you have been warned