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Advice Required on Cutting

Hello to all out there. Been lurking on the site for a while and picked up some great advice so thanks. Now i need some more.

I’ve been weight training in some way or another for many years (sport specific, Hockey) but since injury finished off my playing I’ve been lifting for about 4 yrs with some good results in size and strength.

Now i want to get a cut lean figure now. My goal would be to get under 10% Body fat and stay at that level.

I’am a now 35 with a phisical job but work shifts so work days i’m more active than leave days. Currently i weigh 102kg (224lb). I had my body stats done at the gym the other day and according the the machine i had a body fat of 27% but with a water level of 49%. The instructor who carried out the test has suggested that for the test to be accurate there needs to be a hydration level of at least 55%. The instructor made a guess that my body fat was more like 22%. (the last BF i had done 6 months ago was around the 22% with a hydration level of 55% if that helps any)Do you think this comment correct?

I have now been dieting for 3 weeks on a carb cycling diet from this site. After working out my BMR i have calculated that for my weight and activity level i require 2664 cals to cutt.

At present my diet looks like this,

High carb day totals Protein 330g Carbs 356g Fat 121g
Protein & Fat split equally between 6 meals and carbs split 1/4 meal 1, 1/2 post work out normally in the morning, and 1/4 meal 3. 2 Days per week.

Med Carb day totals Protein 330g Carbs 285g Fat 121g
Meal splits as above. 2 days per week.

Low carb day totals Protein 330g Carbs 214g Fat 121g
Carbs split over 4 of the 6 meals. 3 days per week.

I train 4 times a week split chest/ tris, Legs, Shoulders/abs & back/bi’s. At present i’m do 3 sets of 6 and 1 set of 25, 3 excrises per body part. Coupled with this i do cv 5 or 6 days a week for between 50 to 60 mins straight after waking at about 110 to 130 beats per min.

As i have said, ive been doing this for 3 weeks now and lost 3lb’s. But 1 thing i have realized is that before i was not eating any where enough protein which i now am, just cutting back on the carbs. Now, i feel allot better and looking in the mirror i can see a marked differance.

My questions are

  1. Could the lack of weight loss be down to adding muscle?
  2. Or is it wishfull thinking?
  3. Is this the level of weight loss normal and what i can expect? (I have never tried to cutt before so this is all very new to me)
    4.The last question is, how long do you give the diet before you make changes or what signs do you look for before making changes?
  4. What would these changes be? Cut back on the carbs further?

Any advice from all out there i would love to hear.

And sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Thanks All

At your level of bodyfat I think you’d be better off with a lower carb approach.

Read this article.