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Advice Regarding My Test E Cycle?

Hi, I’m a newbie, started my first test E cycle 8 weeks ago been doing 1ml every week using a 1ml 0.5 length insulin syringe in my thigh right thigh has been fine but been getting pain on my left bad pain, I am going to change to an orange 25g 1" this week, could the pain be due to the needle length ? I always warm the test in my hand in the vial then under hot tap when in syringe, also I’m planning on upping my dose to 1.5ml and run my first cycle for 15 weeks instead of 12, is this ok ? Also when I acquired the test I bought tamoxifen for between cycles but am thinking of cruising now instead, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

why are you making the cycle longer? That will make it MUCH more difficult to recover.

My guess is you haven’t seen the results you wanted to see. You should have run a higher dose for less time. 500-750mg/ week for 8-10 weeks is a FAR better cycle than what you’ve done. That’s why your results suck.

Why are you considering cruising instead of PCT? how old are you?

Hi mate as I said in totally new to this I’ve seen decent results, and on my next cycle I will definately increase to 500/750mg and do 10 weeks, would you not recommend 15 weeks ? What would be my best PCT meds & duration before cycle 2 ? As said I’m just looking for help I’ve had a read about but there’s so much conflicting info
Thanks again Jay

a lot of people use the ‘time off equals time on’ formula. And I’ve seen suggestions that people should take off even longer than that. That seems to be a minimum recommendation. So 10 weeks on, 10 weeks off. This is a better approach than staying on 15 weeks and going off 15 weeks, because results diminish towards the end of a long cycle, as you will learn if you decide to do this. I think you’d be best off to keep cycles short and more frequent. It takes some personal discipline to do this, as nobody likes coming off. But it’s the smarter, more effective approach.

I also do not suggest going the B/C pin for life approach, unless you’re either an older fellow, you have poor natural testosterone production for whatever reason, or you’re a HIGHLY competitive strength athlete.


Yea B/C should be for bros 30-35 and up or done making kids… just my $0.02

I cant see what dose you were at but if it was under 500 I dont see gainz being that great

a good test only cycle that will put some meat on looks more like this

250mg 2-4x per week… Personally, I like 2 pins per week Mon & Thurs keep it simple then .25 Anstrozle EOD or bump to .5

Id recommend HCG too so you don’t have to explain to chics why your nards look like raisens…unless your into that kinda thing

As far as pinning goes I like slins in quads or rear delts Test E or C dont burn but if its test P invest in bigger pins and do butt darts only

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total derail:

do you remember calling me out for being small a few years ago? That was my first interaction with you on this site. Something about anyone under 200 lbs is small. :slight_smile:

Are your quads that lean? My quads are lean but I still don’t think Id ever use a slim on em. I always go with 25g 1" but thats me. I had pain for the first 3 years of injecting. Like a lot of pain. I was pinning up to 9cc’s per week split into 3 injections. Some shots where bad and some where worse. To me the injection pain is part of getting accustomed to using gear because it sure was for me. I started a cycle last april and that was the first time I didn’t have any pain. Shorter esthers are going to have more pain than the longer ones. As for heating the vials up, you can put about 1/2" of water in a coffee mug and microwave that for 1 minute then put your vial in it for a minute or 2 and get it hot that way or run it under scalding hot water for a few minutes then draw and then under hot water again. Make sure you get that oil really warm. To me, I’d say your oils definitely not hot enough but your also a beginner, no offense. This is your FIRST cycle. Not time to think about cruising until you decide this is your life. I started in August because this is my life now. I couldn’t imagine not running gear or doing test. Please make sure it’s what you want and you know what your doing before you start cruising.

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Haha i dont remember that… Imo 200lbs is a heavy weight so thats always my goal. I hover at 195 but after cycles Im 220ish but I cant hold it without juice
Sorry about that…naty Im 180ish…I must have been on too much juice…sorry man… You look ripped so yur shits working

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1" Slins 29g are great for quads imo…go in on the side…push in hard and dimple it…same on rear delts
Love pinning with slins… Draw back plunger till it pops and tape to wall… Wait 5 min and its ready… U can buy cases of slins for nothing…use em for everything… Im Jewish so I like saving money

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Sorry I’m 44, what is B/C & HCD? I’m totally new to all this sounds like I had bad instruction to start and didn’t realise there was so much involved!!! I was originally told 1ml of test per week, for 10 - 12 weeks, and 0.5 Arimadex twice a week but watch my body and adjust accordingly, then PCT take Tamoxifen…

I was later told I shouldn’t be taking Arimadex on 1ml a week

I have been pining my quad in the front of the middle upper third over to the outer section using 1/2" insulin pins, but have just ordered 25g 1" orange to finish cycle

I was told if the cycle is going good it’s ok to extend cycle as long as my off time is PCT + CYCLE time ?

Thanks everyone for your advise and assistance as it’s very complicated,

Any advise about PCT ie doses, duration, and is tamoxifen ok as I’ve read about Clomid and Novac ?


I should probably clarify my response, because I actually don’t agree with this, but I know that’s what it sounds like I meant.

The longer a cycle is, the longer, and less likely, it is that you’ll fully recover from it. Especially at your age. Every additional week you add to your cycle past about 10 weeks will add risk to the potential for a full, quick recovery during pct.

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Is a 12 week cycle ok as it’s a low dose at 1ml ?

do what you want. I’ve already given you my advice.

1ml of test cyp = 200mg
Thats the standard TRT testosterone replacement therapy dose…its usually recommended on the vial you get from pharmacy. armidex or anastrozle does varies person to person but most docs prescribe.25 eod when on 1ml.

Cycle strength aka something that puts on mass fast would be 2-4x that dose then take formula equall to your anti estrogen meds…

C/B = cruising & blasting… Guys on TRT sometines run a cycle then just go back to TRT dose so they dont need PCT as they have already accepted synthetic testosterone as a life style choice.

Im 40 been on TRT since 34 I do 2 or 3 cycles a yr… If you do labs every 4 months and give blood regularly…its not that big of a deal…you essentialy stay 30 for life

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Thanks ever so much this is the feedback I’m looking for, I’m gonna do 12 week cycle at 1ml =200mg test Enanthate then run the Clomid and Novadex for 4 weeks then wait a further 12 weeks before starting cycle 2 where I’m gonna either add 50% to the first cycle or double it to 2ml per week for 10 weeks

Finally HCD you think I need to start that ? I have 4 shots left the next being this Friday,

My PCT is going to be
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Nolva 50/50/20/20

Does anything concern you in that ?

Thanks again

your pct should be just nolva or just clomid. they don’t work in synergy, contrary to old school belief.

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What is your body fat at currently?

I don’t know who you’re asking, but if you’re asking me… I’d say around 8. Who knows, though.

My mistake flipcollar, quoted the wrong person.
I meant to ask the OP what his BF is.

Ahhh really see there’s so much conflicting stuff when reading it’s quite daunting thanks