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Advice Please


3 weeks ago I was 5'8 130 pounds when I decided to start hitting the gym with some buddies. I'm now about 145 and want to reach 180 by December. I like my progress but I feel unhealthy with the food I eat.

In the morning I just eat a high fiber cereal and throughout the day I just eat sandwiches (about 4-5) with tons of lunch meat and I eat 2 hardboiled eggs a day. For dinner I just eat 2 chicken breasts and some source of carbs such as bread, rice or pasta followed by a salad.

I workout 3 times a week and after each session I have a weigh protein shake (should I have this before or after working out?).

Any suggestions on what food to eat? I prefer food that is easy and quick preparation because I have a pretty busy schedule.


Look at the beginner thread and start reading the links bro really best thing I or any one can tell you and you can do for your self take that reading and come back with more direct questions

All the while keep working and eating hard great progress so far