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Advice Please


Hi im 5ft 9, 14 stone and around 30 percent body fat.
Have been taking stanabol (winny) 50 and boldabol (boldenone undecelynate) 200 1ml each twice a week injections for 3 weeks now.
would it be a good idea to swap the winny for a test from week 5 to ten then do a winny only cycle for 5 weeks after. I have a my pct ready clomid and nolvadex.
im looking to reduce body fat while build lean muscle to mask my gyno from childhood. This is my first cycle but no sore jab spot(outer quad)

any advice would be great.. thanks :))


There is a difference between gyno from childhood and being fucking obese and having tits because of how out of shape you are. YOu need to get the hell off the drugs and learn how to take your diet seriously. This site is getting ridiculous I don't understand how some these recent threads are getting through.


Yeah I was overweight as a kid and it promoted estrogen. Being an over weight kid isn't a child's thought its not a concious decision that a child makes. You muppet I know the difference from being fat and having gyno, my diet is good and getting better the longer I have time to see what works best. I was asking for advice with what im doing not permission or an opinion off of someone who dont actually wana help. Are you saying that with good diet and training, these things will not help me reach my goals faster?


Two years ago I was told to lose weight and my gyno would be solved. I reduced my weight to 11 stone so my bmi was in a good range. I looked unhealthy IMO and my gyno looked worse than ever ( out of proportion ) now I am trying a different approach before I opt for surgery.


You need to learn to eat and how to train running gear is not going to cure your gyno have you even almost researched what the fuck your doing or did you just start piping tablets and pinning. I'm going to go with the latter considering your cycle is less than half thought out. Lastly you look out of shape and unhealthy because your 30% body fat which is out of shape and unhealthy. You need to learn what your doing not run gear.


Fair enough, I agree 30% is out of shape however if I already have the supps, would they not help me acheive my goals faster. Ill run through what I do and tell me where im going wrong
on a typical day
7:45 cereal kellogs crunchy nuts with one litre semi skimmed milk
10:35 1 cup rice 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
13:35 1 cup rice 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
16:30 1 iso2 protien shake with water
17:10-18:30 training weights
18:45 1 iso2 protein shake with water
18:45 peice of fruit
20:45 1 cup rice 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
22:00 1 iso2 protien shake with milk for bed
Also I aim for 4 litres of water over the day
one portion meat whatever it is will have minimal fat and will add to at least 40g protein
veg and fruit are varied
cod liver oil tabs multivits and 100g caffiene taken pre workout.
im a scaffolder by trade so always on the move at work and I will consume less than 2000 cal per day
train 5-6 times a week with as many compound movement
please tell me where im going wrong
the jabs were a reccomendation from a pt for weight cutting and muscle definition


the only cycling you should be doing is the sport - not the drugs


You don't need drugs. Your just lazy and want to take the fast route.


This is the new face of steroid users . Anyone , any age , any body shape with no knowledge on how to lift or eat is resorting to "juice" back in the 70/80s it was cool and unique to be a body builder . A bit of mystery about it . Now every Joe Schmo uses steroids to get the added boost .

These new guys don't have any style . They never earned what they get from juicing . Fortunately cycling is a bit of an art and balancing out side effects takes skill . This should weed out some of these people who think they can walk right into the sport / hobby and become a master at it .