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advice please

I trained solid for two years and made some solid gains(125lbs to 185 bf%9)However last year I started wasting away. Doctor says my GI tract wasn’t absorbing nutrients. Now that I’m back in good health I been givin the ok to train again. Now I’m 5’8" 24yrs 165lbs bf% 15 and was wondering where to start in terms of training. Please don’t flame I’ve read the articles on the site.Thats where I’m confused there all great. Do i qualify as a beginner again ? Any suggestions on a starting point would be greatly appreciated. I want my muscles back…Thanx

Yes you are a beginner again. However you will make much quicker progress than a person who has never lifted. For a person in your shoes there isn’t a better program than if you combine Ian kings lower body and upper body programs. In 12 weeks you just might recover all the strength and size you lost.

You should start as a beginner again, but you will progress quickly. BTW, was your GI tract problem directly addressed as far as cause?