Advice Please ?

After celebrating my 1 year anniversary in the gym, i want to throw up some progress pictures to get some feedback.
How does one do this ?
Im not very internet savvy :slight_smile:
I turn on pc… pc works its all good !

I saw the stickied thread, and will take all the necessary pics… but HOW ?
Do i buy a special camera to connect to computers… my camera phone is nothing short of atrocious so thats out.
Any good fairly CHEAP brands would be appreciated, and any feedback how to post even better.

Cheers all.

Ps: After looking through the latest 10 im slightly weirded out weird section of t-nation.

Also i hope to someday reach this physique below, i am following Prof X’s advice of forgetting bf so i have strayed above 10% dont hate me too much ^^

I have no idea how to get these to show up :confused: