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Advice / Opinions for TRT ( 23 Years Old )

So a little bit about me first, I’m 23, 5’9 weighting at 140. I pretty much have every symptom to be a candidate for TRT from low energy / sex drive to lack of muscle growth and every thing in between. You name it, I got it… I nap about 2131298 a day cause IM THAT TIRED !! For years now… Not sure why, but I been blaming it on my lower back since I was 16. Chiropractors are way to expensive, about 150 weekly. I love sports and the outdoors but the lack of energy is driving me down. I have been trying different methods to see what works best for me… but nothing.

Recently about 2 weeks now, I went to get an acupuncture cause I read that it will help out with my energy. Surprisingly, it works, kinda. But for only that day. The same goes for massages. I believe they are great, but it can get pricey and time consuming in the long run which is probably needed in my case. Getting injected with b 12 as well. Any who, before I got my first acupuncture, I did blood work in which came back ’ perfect ’ according to my Doctor. Except he told me that well the reason for my low energy is my low testostone.

I’m in the low 300 but thats way too low for my age. That I should be waking up with a boner everyday Lol in the 600 range or so. SOOOO… I don’t know what to do next. I have read amazing stories about TRT only concern to me is infertility. Looking for advice and opinions on what you think I should do. Chances are, whatever you think I should do, Im too tired to do :frowning: … HELP PLEASE AND THANK YOU !!

You need to figure out the cause for your low T. It is not very likely that you’re able to pinpoint something but it’s crucial to rule out something more serious that could affecting your T production. Please post the following labs:


This will help us determine whether you’re primary or secondary. Some can be mixed, i.e both pituitary and testes are not functioning optimally.

In case, your problem is secondary, you’ll have lowish LH /FSH , there is alternative treatment for this that you could give a try.

Best of luck.

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Any history of AAS use?
How’s your diet?
Oral temperatures?

At the very least, I’d try a restart protocol before you jump on TRT.

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Please list all medications, Rx and OTC

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T4 is a bit low
T3 uptake is too high
TSH is reasonable
Using iodized salt? - history
Get cold easily?
Outer eyebrows sparse?
I am concerned about the stress effect of your back problems which can mess up overall thyroid function.
Preferred labs are TSH. fT3, fT4 and not the indirect methods you used that should be obsolete.

Yeah I really can’t pin point my cause. I have been lost for years now trying to figure it out. I did have surgery on my penis when I was like one cause my pee hole was blocked. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but I’m just saying. That’s about the only thing that is wrong with me besides my back taking a toll playing goalie and safety at a young age. I got pinched nerves maybe it’s related ?

I don’t have any of those labs, that is why I was asking for help on what to do next. I will talk to my doctor about it. Thanks for the help.

Not a AAS user.
Typical Hispanic diet… Rice, beans, protein.
I eat a lot of fruits and I only drink water. Beer drinker on occasion. Weed smoker might I add to fall asleep.
Never have I checked my temperature. I will make sure to look into that.

Not too sure on Iodized salt.
I HATE THE COLD. That’s a fact, I can’t stand it, only when I’m sleeping though. I shiver at 65* degrees. Does that tell you something ?
My back is pretty stressed out, main reason why I’m looking for help. I’m sure my pinched nerves got something to do with it. I don’t have those labs but I will take a look at them next time with my doctors. Thanks.