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Advice on Workout Routine & Exercises

Hi guys,

after a long time of inactivity, i started hitting the gym again about 6 months ago. Problem is that i stood in front of the mirror, and this time i was honest with myself. Years of bench pressing and front delt focus had caused my shoulders to roll forward and my back was weak and thin as shit. So i decided to focus on back & rear delt training. My shoulders already were in pain. So for 5 months, i trained everything, except the chest. I trained back (& rear delts) 2 days/week (3-4 days rest between). So:

A) My routine included both pulldowns & rows. However, i want to change my workout program. I was thinking this: (DAY 1): Only pulldowns movements (front, underhand, neutral/close grip and behind the neck pulldown and rear delt flies) and (DAY 2): Only rowing movements (both for lats & middle back).
Would this benefit me or should i mix pulldowns & rows in the same day ?

B) I started working chest again, with focus on proper form. I’d like to ask you guys about the bench press (flat) technique. I’ve understood the proper set up (wrist over elbows, scapula retracted etc…), but i cannot understand what the bar path should be. Some say lower the bar below the nipples, and then push straight up, others say don’t push straight up, but rather up & back towards the shoulder level or middle chest level or eye level or i don’t know…
Can u advise me on the bar path that must be followed ? I saw the video of T-Nation on youtube, but i cannot tell from the camera angle.

any advice would be greatly appreciated !

You don’t mention anything about legs? You might consider a push/pull/legs routine. Also, the bar path for a raw lifter is a j-curve starting at or below nipples, and ending directly above shoulder joint.