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Advice on Workout Goals


Hey guys,

Ive been working out for a couple of years and like to think ive made lots of progress. At this moment, I am looking to increase the weights on my olympic lifts (power snatch, hang snatch, push presses etc) and deadlift. My current stats are as follows:

Weight: 205 lbs
Body fat: 17%
Bench Press: 245 max
Back Squat: 315 max
Deadlift: 275 max

My current workout schedule is as follows:

Day 1:

Power Snatch (4 sets of 4)
Back Squats (3 sets of 10)
Deadlift (3 sets of 10)
Leg curls (3 sets of 10)
Superset of sitting and standing leg raises (3 sets of 10 each)
Ab circuit of hanging leg raises, weighted side situps and pikejacks (3 sets of 10 each)

Day 2:

Push press (4 sets of 4)
Bench Press (3 sets of 10)
1 arm rows (3 sets of 10)
Superset of unilateral inclined dumbell press and lat pulldowns (3 sets of 10 each)
Superset of shrugs and bicep curls (3 sets of 10 each)
Weighted abs

Day 3: Rest

Day 4:

Hang snatch (4 sets of 4)
Split squats (3 sets of 10)
Swiss ball unilateral dumbell press (3 sets of 10)
Superset of 1 arm shoulder press and back extensions (3 sets of 10 each)
Superset of reverse dumbell flyes and lat pulldowns (3 sets of 10 each)
Ab circuit of hanging leg raises, weighted side situps and pikejacks (3 sets of 10 each)

Day 5: Rest

I would like suggestions on improving the workout by adding exercise that might help or changing it in a way to benefit my goals.


Are your lifts in kg?


no they`re in lbs


I don't think someone with a 539 lbs bench press and 693 squat would ask for advice on workout goals.


Really, the program doesn't look that bad. If I were you, i'd go with a pre-written program though. Also, for what reasons are you including snatches? IMO, at your level, you'd be better off getting your deadlift up, and maybe doing hang power cleans, and possibly DB snatches.

The reason I suggest this, is that you cant possibly be snatching that much if you can only deadlift 275t.

So my suggestion would be to go into the articles and grab a program from one of the authors. Chad Waterbury or Christian Thibideu have a lot, but just pick any author that has a lot and you should be fine. Or you could always do starting strength, but it is a little boring.

Hope this helps.


Why am I not surprised you don't get it?

Let me know if you need anymore of my statements explained to you.

Edit: Just in case you're brain is starting to melt here it is:

Outside of extenuating circumstances, taking "a couple of years" to get to a 275lb dead, and claim to work O-Lifts, means your not trying very hard, IMO.


Well i started off being a scrawny kid. I was a 130 lbs and benched 50 lbs so I think ive done well in the past two years. Also, I started that schedule a week ago after being suggested that by a friend. Thanks for the advice dankid. Ill look into those programs and see what I should do.


Strength levels really depend on a few things. I have seen very few individuals in the gym do a PROPER squat or deadlift with 300+. Its very easy to go many years without ever breaking 300 on these lifts. If you are doing typical "bodybuilding" routines, you may never develop any great degree of strength. When I say typical, i dont mean DC or GVT, im talking about the flex and M&F routines. Also, a lot of people make the mistake of doing too many reps, and too many sets to failure. This type of training has its place, but is counterproductive for increasing poundages quickly.

IMO, and I know this will be debated, strength is best developed with a higher frequency, lower reps, and fewer sets to failure. My best gains in STRENGTH have come from HFT, TBT, and EDT. I think anyone in the gym that is "average size" 5'5-6'4" 160-220 should be able to deadlift 300+ within 3-4 months max. But this is only if they are following a good strength based program, and not doing 3x12 on RDL's. Bodybuilding type work has its place, as does assistance work, but new lifters, and weaker lifters need less of this stuff and more strength.

But really strength is subjective. If my GF were to deadlift 275, i'd be amazed. She'd have huge legs and a huge back. I'd imagine would be comparable to me deadlifting about 600 or so. Its different for everyone. For some, benching 200+ would be very impressive, while others 400+ isn't anything.

The main thing the OP needs to consider is this. Strength gains can be acquired very quickly. Following a good high frequency low volume strength routine, you'd be able to get your DL up to 350+ in probably one or two 4 week cycles. You could probably see similar gains in all your lifts if you haven't been training strength too much. Going into a hypertrophy routine, and using O-lifts having all your other lifts up 20% from where they are now will make things that much more effective.

It works pretty well, give it a try. Go for quick increase in strength. Which is an intensification phase, and then use those gains and ramp up the volume to increase size/fitness. I think CT refers to this as PRIMING. It just cracks me up when I see guys in the gym repping out with 135lbs on deadlifts, when they could train heavy for a couple of weaks, and be hitting twice that much for reps.


You fail.

Don't generalize your failings onto other people.

Strength is both absolute (total load lifted) and relative (% of repetition maximum; total load expressed relative to body weight), not subjective.

There is no fucking subjective interpretation of who is strong and who is not.


OP, hold off and wait for some of the proven BIG BOYS around here to give you advice. Moreover, I would suggest that you move across to the Strength Sports Forum, I think if you are after progress on your olympic lifts that would be a better avenue for you. You seem to have made good gains relative to where you started, and it would suck balls if you got fucked up with this bullshit.


Dude, it took you 8 years to have similar numbers to the OP. Why are you giving him advice?

No offence, but the only thing your qualified to give advice on is staying small and weak.


Whatever guys. I know a HELL OF A LOT more than probably both of you put together. My advice is sound, if the OP wants to listen he can. I meant relative, but I was typing in a hurry.

And NO. I dont see any strong dudes in the gym. I here from posters here about gyms where everyone is benching 400+ and squatting 600+, but this IS NOT the norm. Maybe you are all from the midwest, where everyone is 300lbs, but here in CA its VERY UNCOMMON.

Im not trying to play up the OP's strength or mine, im just saying its easy to sit here on the internet, and make all kinds of claims about how hardcore you are, but you're not.

OP, you didn't mention a few things. How tall are you, how much can you lift on power snatch, push press, hang clean, etc? And what are you hoping to accomplish by getting stronger in these lifts?

The reason I ask this, is that if you just want to lift more on the snatch, because you want to be strong, then thats fine. But if you are trying to use it to build muscle, you'd be better off focusing on the other things i mentioned above. Also, if you are going to really focus on snatching, you gotta have the form down. Have you been coached on the lift?

Dont listend to people liek GG or coutning beans. They're all deusches just trying to be big shots. You said yourself you think youve made a lot of progress, so dont let the T-Nation idiots get you down.

If you still have other questions or cant find a program, PM me. I have a lot of strength type programs that would suit you well.


Dankid, give it up. You posted your stats and your lifts are far from where they should be. Take a look at all the guys posting in BOI and the weights they are using. Most of them haven't trained for as long as you have.

I suggest you start a new account, and this time make up some more impressive lifts. I'm sure everyone will be more impressed with all this info you copy/paste from elitefts or wherever the fuck.

Oh, and I'm sure you know many, many programs. In fact, I would not be surprised if you know the most programs of anyone on T-Nation.


Quick questions for the OP: are you looking to increase your 1RM om these lifts or your 4/10RM?


Wow, congradulations your a dick. Ive thought about making a new account, but I really dont care. I dont lift weights so I can log onto the internet and feel like a big shot. I enjoy lifting for fun, health, and personal enjoyment. And I'll continue to help people that are asking for help, because thats what I do. If youve got a problem with that why dont you go over to the BOI and impress all your friends with how much you lift.


So I am supposed to know you are sarcastic? Because with you we never know, your brain is melted.

This is funny because I remember 1 week ago at the gym I was trying to tell someone how to deadlift.He was like squatting with a sumo stance holding a 285 lbs barbell. It was ugly. He kept saying that deadlift are for hams. We were having a confrontation, just like you and I

Finally he told me: '' I have been training for SIX years, so I know it''
I told him: ''Well I have been training for only 1 year and I pull 4 plates. If you are sure of what you are doing then go ahead, but personally I wouldnt be doing that'' then I left

I dont know why I am writting this


Crazy Canadians thinking DL's work your hamstrings, they will get you every time.

But seriously, you get my point. Hey look we agree.

It's too bad too. I had a good picture to use when I first saw this post...


What's your goal?

Do you want to Olympic Lift?

Or bodybuild?

It's a little unclear at the moment


Someone who has taken 8 years to achieve your lifts have no business giving advice. I don't care how much you've read.


If you just lift for "fun, health, and personal enjoyment" I would think you should be hanging around the Men's Health website instead of a bodybuilding forum.


Same difference really. Just here the articles are better