Advice on Which T, Limited Choices

Ok so Ive been on repacement for a while now. Posted back then saying my endo started me on Sustanon and with advice from here we switched to Cyp. All was well…

Now,the drug company in my country has stopped funding Cypionate,its no longer availiable at all!

Choices are Sust and Reandron.

I know Reandron is’nt really that great ,or is it?

Also when I was on Sust 1/2 ml twice a week I noticed changes in mood and energy the 4th day when my shot was due.

I’m thinking my only option is to go back on Sustanon,but is there anyway to dose better than twice a week,like maybe every second day? Also I inject in my glutes but am starting to get lumps there,would quad shots or even sub q be ok with Sustanon,neither of which I have tried…am a little leery being that the prop ester hurts! LOL.

Thank you.

Sustanon is longer acting and there is no reason to chase after EOD. Read the protocol for injections sticky and consider SC injections on upper leg. Also read the advice for new guys sticky.

Thank you