Advice on Whether to Blast/Cruise or Cycle Based on My Circumstances

25, Male, 6’4, 210 pounds, 16% bf

Okay so I’m 6 weeks into a conservative first time cycle of 300 test e p/w. Been training 4 years but training/physique was only really 50% of my decision to start the test e. I’m currently taking two different sleeping medications as I randomly became a chronic insomniac about 3 years ago. The other reason for starting the test was to see what kind of response I would have, and the results are positive. The sleeping tablets leave me feeling extremely lethargic and sluggish the majority of the time, however, the test makes me feel like my old self if not better and the gains are obviously awesome. So here is my predicament, do I cycle this stuff or go into a blast/cruise?

At this point in my career/life It’s not really possible for me to attempt to get off the meds, anyone who’s been physically dependent on sleeping tablets before will know how hard they are to get off.

I’m also aware of the side effects of sleeping tablets long term guys, I am a therapist so it’s somewhat in my area. And I’ve banked sperm at a fertility clinic for those that would ask if I’ve put any consideration into that side of things.

Apologies for the life story type post, more info is better than less.

Just so I understand, you have no need and are currently not taking the sleeping pills while on 300mg of test?

Still taking. They are part of the reason I started the test, due to the lethargy etc.

Do you want kids soon?

IMO, one should not cycle unless they are prepared to be on TRT. That does not mean everyone should blast and cruise though. If you recover fine, I think it is less risky. What is your risk tolerance? I started on TRT, and now do blasts, so in a different situation than you.

Not soon. Which is why I froze sperm at a clinic. Risk tolerance is also pretty high.

What are you taking for your sleep issues?

Mirtazapine 22.5mg and Seroquel 75mg. Sedative antidepressants are preferred long term sleeping options by doctors in Australia over benzos like Xanax and sedative-hypnotics like Ambien.

Well, that explains the lethargy pre-testosterone. I took mirtazapine once and slept for two full days. It’s the dumbest drug anyone ever invented for the treatment of depression.

Eventually you’re going to have to get off those meds. You know that, right? Otherwise you’re going to be a zombie for the rest of your life and it’ll get worse as you age. Healthy sleep doesn’t come from sedatives, contrary to what most doctors in the US would have you believe.

I’m aware, it was a last resort. Problem is that it’s very hard to get off. I have tried before but my best options is to wean very slowly.

Sounds like your cycle may be the perfect opportunity for you to wean yourself from those tablets. Perhaps give it a shot while you are still in the honeymoon phase with test.