Advice on When to Take HOT-ROX?

I’ve just received delivery of HOT-ROX (thank you T Nation), and in order to give it a fair test, i thought i’d ask the experts what the best way to fit it into my day would be.

A typical day looks roughly like this:

4:30: milky coffee
4:45: train
6:00-16:00: work a moderately active job, typically hit 10k steps in a day, but it is pretty variable. During this time i’ll drink 2 x 2-scoop protein shakes
17:00: Eat a solid meal with appropriate carbs, protein and fats

Where would i fit HOT-ROX into this? My thoughts are to cut the morning coffee and take HOT-ROX instead, then maybe have a coffee when i get to work?

I agree with replacing your morning coffee with HOT-ROX.

I’d be cautious with any additional caffeine, though, especially at the start.

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You only eat one meal a day?

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At the minute, yeah


What’s your tolerance for stimulants?

How many Hot-Rox capsules are you taking per dose?

I’m taking one a day at the minute with no issues. I’ll probably give 2 a day a trial run sometime, see how it goes.

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Update: i gave 2 a go yesterday with mixed results. Not a total disaster, but borderline. I think 2 every day is not going to fly, for now.

How so? Too stimulated?

Did you drop back down to one today? If so, are things going better today?

Exactly that, yeah. I can feel when too much caffeine is impairing my ability to function, andbthis was borderline. Back down to 1 is no issue, i can even add some tactical coffee later in the day.

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Glad things are back to normal! We all have different a different stimulant tolerance, and it sounds like you found yours.

Stick with it, and be sure to keep us updated on your progress!

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That’s me a lot too. Just Saiyan. It can work.

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Same. Especially when Mag-10 was readily available, I found the pulse-feast style worked very well for me.


Thanks to @Tim_Patterson and Team for the free bottle of HOT-ROX. I have a question too, sorry @dagill2 to hijack but didnt think it warrented a new thread.

Is there any benifit to taking HOT-ROXs whilst in a decent sized calorie surplus? To maybe limit fat gain? Or should i save it and give it a good test out when im ready to be back in a deficit?


Good question! I’ve never tried it. That’s a scenario where Carbolin 19 really shines (body recomposition).

Hot-Rox does contain forskolin, but with the other ingredients it’s significantly geared more toward fat loss.

I’d save it until you’re ready to drop some fat.

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First of all, I never recommend overeating as a planned practice. You can build muscle without gaining fat by increasing calories to compensate (not overcompensate) for increased training volume or intensity.

So there’s really no utility of overeating other than pleasure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat, or just be healthy, I recommend everyone take forskolin for its positive effects on muscle, metabolism, anabolic hormones, and fat cells (among others).

Here are the Biotest supplements that contain full-dose forskolin:

Read about each supplement and choose the one that best fits your specific goals.


Study Parameters Details
Subjects 30 men
Controls Randomized, double-blind placebo
Duration 12 weeks
Forskolin dose 50 mg/day
Study Results Forskolin Placebo Difference
Lean mass gains 8.2 lb 3.8 lb 4.4 lb
Fat loss -10 lb -1.1 lb -8.9 lb



There is no pleasure in the way i have to eat to get the scale to move upwards!

Thanks for the info. I will have a read through :+1: