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Advice on When to do Pre-Hab

I am new to powerlifting but not to working out. That may sound odd to powerlifters, but whatever.
I am beginning powerlifting and wanted a little advice. Right now I do my pre-hab on the end of the day for the effected bodypart (i.e. at the end of bench day, I do rotator cuff work). Is there any kind of proportion I should be following as far as work sets: prehab sets?

Also, I could stand a critique on how I set up my program. Right now, it is:

Primary lift (Bench/Deadlift)(warm-up, 3x5)
Secondary lift (Close Grip/GHR)(warm-up,5x8)
tertiary lift (tricep isolation/hamstring isolation)(warm-up, 3x8)
pre-hab (external rotations/lunges)(warm-up, 3x12)

These are just example exercises and rep schemes. I might use partials instead of full bench presses, dips instead of close grips, pin pulls instead of deadlifts, etc. For pre hab, I haven’t read too much about the lower body (like ART/glute activation) but I’m going to now that I know it’s there. For Rotators I read a lot of Cressey’s stuff.

This schedule represents just two days of the week. I work out 4-5 days/week. The other two days will be more body-building centered, with emphasis on shoulders, lats, and core work. And of course front squats, but that’s a given.

Any advice from anyone, especially if you have experience beyond reading articles, is appreciated.