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Advice on What to Do? Urgent


Hey guys , I need some advice please. I was a real idiot and counted on my supplier for my sustanon250 to be realiable and deliever on time. I started taking sustanon250 for 4weeks and in the 3rd week I ordered for another 4weeks. So what happened is he never delievered on time and 15days later after my last pin I'm still waiting . He told me it will arrive in 2 to 7days from today.

My question is should I carry on my cycle so close to 3weeks off now? Or should I start my pct at day 18 ? The safest route? I figured my test levels will be all over the place, but wondered if anyone has some light to shead on for me. Just looking for advice. I know if I start my pct on day 18 I've wasted this cycle. Such an idiot.thanks guys


Since your source hasn’t been reliable, it doesn’t make much sense to depend on him now. 2-7 days could be weeks. Wait until you have ALL your gear (ancillaries included) to start next time. Lesson learned.