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Advice on Week Plan (Complexes + Tabata)



I'm really torn between all the good advice (but differing!) and good exercise programs out there. I thought I'd create my own, based on the best of what I've read, and the exercises I find most fun (to keep motivation high).

I'm still working out the bodybuilding exercises, and need some more work there, but I was thinking of ending each workout with a complex and/or Tabata interval training. Would it be unwise of me to do the following:

(warm up first each day, and cool down w/ stretching last)

- bb exercises
- Ferrovian complex (1/2)
- Tabata intervals (Front squat) x 6

- bb exercises
- Tabata intervals (rowing) x 6
- static-active stretching

- bb exercises
- Cosgrove complex (1/2)
- Tabata intervals (thrusters) x 6

I really enjoy both complex'es and doing Tabata intervals (well, it's more a love/hate relationship than anything,, but I feel good when almost puking.. sort of paradoxical)

I guess what I'm really asking is, is it too much doing a half complex series (3 circuits instead of 6 in most cases) and then Tabata intervals? I'm able to do it (I have done it), but should I be encouraged not to do such a thing?

Thank you in advance!


"bb exercises" is a bit general. Also tabatas were initially meant to be done on bikes, not with weights, so bear that in mind.

As to your actual question. If you're trying to lose weight, then I guess there are worse things you could do.


Yeah, I know "bb ecercises" is very general, but it's more a placeholder for a workout I haven't decided on yet. I was mainly wondering if it was a bad idea to do these complexes/Tabata workouts after bb exercises on the same days..

Regarding Tabata, I thought the main idea was doing 20 sec HIIT and 10 sec rest/low intensity. The reason it initially was on bikes was to make research easier because it's a closed system with fewer variables that is more easily to monitor. I've read that doing it on a rowing machine is a good alternative, and I believe I read about doing Tabata thrusters/front squats in an article here on T-Nation, but I might be wrong:p


It's up to you to decide when your complexes should be done. Because after a lifting session, I really don't feel like doing much of anything. But if you do them on off days they might interfere with your recovery.


Thanks chimera182!:slight_smile: That makes sense.


Yes it would unwise