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Advice on Weak Points


Hey guys been lifting naturally for awhile now just looking for some advice as to weak points and where I should place my emphasis on the future. About me, 23 5'10 200 lbs ~15% body fat train a three day split 5-6 times a week for the past 4 years of undergrad. Used to weigh 260 lbs dropped the weight in the first year, recently became more concerned with my appearance and not sure if I should keep going as is or tune my training to specifically improve in some area.

I'm currently looking to drop weight and aiming for 185 calories are at about 2700 and things have been going smoothly. Advice ans criticism I receive will mostly be implemented after I drop my weight. Thanks in advance and I'm sorry if anything I'm doing is unconventional to t nation as I have only lurked and never posted.
**girlfriend said she wouldn't take my homoerotic pics so I'm sorry about poor quality


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I don’t see any body part lagging compared to others. It’s clear that you work the entire body.

What I would concentrate on is bringing your shoulder to waist ratios up. Looks like you have naturally wide hips and normal clavicles/shoulders. To adjust that, I’d try to lean out the waist as much as possible while hitting the middle deltoids to bring out the width in the shoulders.


Okay grand




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From your biceps pose I can tell that you don’t have much of a back at least in terms of width and most likely thickness. So I would say that is your biggest weakness besides overall size


Thanks for the feed back much appreciated
I do feel my waist in abnormally wide which does work against me and I’ll be sure to work on shoulder width.

To high jumper thanks for all the posts with some redundancies and privileging me with you first few posts.

Sorry I forgot to add back shot.

Again sorry about poor quality photos I’ll try to get someone for the next series, I do appreciate all the feedback.


Broken video


Better photos I hope they attach, 190 lbs