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Advice on Volume


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When I'm doing some of the bigger lifts, like DL, Squat, BP, Overhead Press, etc, I try to concentrate on volume and pushing the weight for more reps, but I end up getting bored and working up to a heavy triple or even single most of the time. Can anyone reccomend a way to get past this?


can anyone recommend a way for you to stick to a plan?

err…am i misunderstanding?


Pyramid up to your 8 rep max, hit 8 reps to failure and move onto the next exercise?


[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
Pyramid up to your 8 rep max, hit 8 reps to failure and move onto the next exercise?[/quote]

Yeah, lol.

You shouldn’t be “bored” if you’re doing a true 6-8 rep set… every single one should be earned.


Exactly how many reps are you trying to get for these lifts? We are talking about how many reps per set right? Because you can use low rep sets (3-5) for hypertrophy so long as you adjust your volume accordingly.



I don’t exactely see the reason why you want to build those lifts up to, say, 15 reps. That’s one way to “add volume”, but, imho, certainly not the best way to do it, if hypertrophy is your main goal.

I’d either do a lot of sets of 2-4 reps with around 80%-90% of your 3RM (ramping), or ramp fewer sets of 6-8 reps till near failure.

Why don’t you read Christian Thibaudeau’s stuff on HTH. If you love to do fewer reps for more sets, that may be something for you.


How do you get “bored”? What does that even mean?

You mean to tell me you will, for example, work up to a heavy weight on bench presses and rep it out for 8 reps and you can’t possibly get another one, so you rack it and then think to yourself “I’m bored. This is boring. I’m just going to go really really heavy!”

I mean what are we even talking about here?


i enjoy ramping up to heavy singles on bench and then doing a set with 185 for AMRAP upwards of 20, then do the same with 135 upwards of 30+ and that adds volume after the singles as well as a great brunout couple sets. Something to try