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Advice on Vertical Leap

I would like to know how I could better my athleticism. I’m 15, 5’10, 155 pounds, squat is 180, dead is 155, and bench is 140. I’ve researched a lot on this and have spent a month building a solid base, going from a 140 squat to 180 and adding 10 pounds of muscle.

I’d like to know how I should set up a program. I’m honestly on a time restraint because I have summer basketball tryouts after march and I really want to make the team. I’ve heard about RFD, DE days, autoregulatory training and all that but I honestly don’t understand. Could you please help? Thanks in advance.

Read Mike Robertson’s “Designer Athletes” program on this website (click under authors and click on his name than go through his articles until you find it). Its a great program for athletes and will do you good.

In a nutshell, just concentrate on increasing your squat and deadlift and do some upper-body compound movements. Don’t worry about stuff like DE days until you can squat and deadlift 2X your body weight.

Thanks, I’ll look into it. Anyone else?

Agreed, look up “Designer Athletes” or “Westside for Skinny Bastards” and start lifting heavy. A 155 deadlift is not a solid base… at all. I know it sucks to hear this, but a solid base can’t be built in a month, especially at your age. Spend a year lifting heavy in the 4-6 rep range and then you will have a decent base. You honetly don’t need to worry about a lot of complicated shit until you are deadlifting around 315 or so- and even that is still pretty weak.

Maximal strength is the foundation upon which all other qualities rest and is the biggest weakness for high school athletes. It was not very long ago when I was in your shoes and wanted to skip into the most complicated, kewlest thing out there. I wasted a lot of my high school years with retarded training methods that didn’t do shit for me.

The bottom line, spend at least a year lifting heavy and working of form and movement efficiency. When you are a senior and all your friends are doing the useless jumpsoles program for the third time and haven’t gained shit while you are pulling 405 and going 30+" then you will be quite satisfied.

I’d be happy to give you all the help you want (including some help with AREG, which I believe is helpful for any athlete), send me a PM.