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Advice on V-Diet?

A friend and I started the V diet today to help each other through the rough patches. Since we are the same weight our daily caloric numbers came to 1470 and 1875 (or 1475 and 1870, one of the two, 5 calories doesn’t make much of a difference anyways).

Currently we each drink 5 shakes each totaling to about 12-15 scoops of protein powder (whey and casein) each scoop containing 100 calories. We currently do not have any post-workout drinks so I think we’ll just have a shake (2 scoops) with a banana or 2 added in for carbohydrates.

We each take another fat burner (3 pills 2x/day as per instructions) and are working towards 15 fish pills a day (currently at about 5 each, 1 more each day). We were forced to replace the suggested American products with their Canadian counterparts as the stores up here didn’t carry them.

Metabolic Drive -> Some other high quality protein shake that contained both casein and whey

Flameout -> fish pills for the fats

HOT-ROX -> Another Fat Burner

It’s been one day and already I’ve been feeling the need for some solid food. I came home to find my family enjoying a large pizza and I was so tempted to just have 1 piece lol. I managed to resist and I’m proud of that lol. Anyways, I’m just looking for general advice on the V diet and suggestions on quashing the hunger for solid food.

The Velocity Diet:

Thanks in advance,

It’s not necessarily appropriate to swap out supplements and expect the same results. You may or may not be getting the same slow protein breakdown. You also may or may not be getting the all important overall metabolic support that HOT-ROX provides.

However, that said, good luck. I’ve done it before and it’s a tough diet.

One tip for fighting hunger - drink a diet coke or something after your protein shake. This had the effect of making me mildly nauseous… bye bye food cravings! Repeat as needed.

EDIT: By the way, I’m also in Ontario. I’ve never had any trouble ordering and receiving products here.

Good luck, I am starting the velocity diet also. I like the simplicity of it. It doesn’t require me to make a choice with my meals, and I will always know what I’m going to eat next.

I ordered a bottle of HOT-ROX extreme and a couple tubs of Metabolic Drive from this website earlier today. I’m going to buy the fish oil on monday or maybe from walmart.

I already have a good amount of whole flaxseeds stored away in my cabinets that ive had for awhile and never used, thankfully my blender grinds them up very nicely and it looks like brown sugar now. I think it’ll blend together in the shake pretty good.

I will stay on this diet as long as I can afford it. I’m shooting for 3 weeks but ideally i’d like to go the full 28 days. I might keep a little log during the diet about how I feel, weight loss, etc. I’m 215 lbs (mostly fat, very little muscle) so hopefully the weight comes off faster for me.

The hunger goes away after like 3 or 4 days. I HAD to have a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese when I did it because it was becoming unbearable… and I figured 15g a protein in food format could do anything but help.

I lost 17 pounds of the diet, so i was happy. I only “cheated” that first day though.

Vroom I realize that substituting some products wouldn’t be the smartest of things to do but I wanted to start the diet asap as I am going to a resort in a couple of weeks and I don’t have too much to lose. Once I run out of protein powder (shouldn’t be too long at 15 scoops a day with each scoop containing 100 calories).

Also since each scoop contains 20g of protein I’m hitting 300g of protein per day and at 200 lbs that sounds pretty damn good to me. Hopefully the thermogenic I am using will be as efficient as HOT-ROX but if it isn’t then oh well. I am guaranteed weight loss either way as long as I follow the diet and 1 or 2 lbs in the end won’t kill me.

So far I’m down to 198 from 202 and I’m just starting day 3 but most if not all of that is just the food that was still being digested in my intestines. Anyways, thanks for the advice and good luck to anyone doing the V diet as well. All advice is appreciated!

quick bump as I would really appreciate more advice

It actually sounds like you are using too many scoops reading your latest post. Shugs and myself weighed about the same as you did and we both used 10 scoops per day. 15 adds another 500 cals on top of the diet, which might not be a horrible thing, but it is higher than what is normally used for a 200 pounder.

15 scoops = 1500 cals
21 fish oil tabs = 210
flax = about 300 or so

Thats over 2000 cals on non-workout days. Add another shake on top of that for workout days and you are at 2300… Not exactly V-diet calories.

Of course if you are using Metabolic Drive and a banana 12 scoops sounds about right.

I am in the last week of the V-Diet right now, and two things jump out at me from your post.

  1. Even though my total calorie numbers are higher than yours, you are eating more scoops of protein than I am. This suggests to me that you are not getting enough fat. That’s bad.

  2. You don’t mention flax at all. Flax meal (ground flax seeds) is a VERY important part of the diet, both because of the essential fatty acids you get from it, and because it is your ONLY source of fiber on the diet. Unless you are getting fiber from some other source (sugar-free psyllium, or something) you are going to be MISERABLE on this diet, for reasons that may already have become clear to you after a few days.

Other than that my only advice is to tough it out. It is by far the most mentally demanding diet I have ever been on, cravings for real food are INTENSE, although I’m not hungry all the time (you shouldn’t be, if you’re getting enough fat and fiber). I never realized before how many ads there are on TV for food. Never before have I had to force myself to look away from the screen during an ad for Red fucking Lobster.

But, it works. WELL. The change in my appearance has been dramatic. Do it right, and stick with it.