Advice on Using Test Cypionate


I wanted to ask for some advice from people who have experience with TRT. I started getting prescribed testosterone cypionate last month for low T. My low T is probably from using opiate pain meds as I am only 35.

In the last few years, I started gaining weight rapidly (without eating enough to explain it). My energy was low and my body hair thinned out. I gained 60lb in six months. This prompted me to get some blood tests which showed low free testosterone and high epinepherine.

I was referred to see an endocrinologist but I have been having a difficult time finding one who is knowledgable about TRT (or anything else).

I tried androgel for 3 months and found it expensive and ineffective (for me), so I kept switching doctors until I found one who would prescribe Testosterone Cypionate for injections. I told him that I wanted to inject weekly based on what I have read online (he wanted to try monthly…). I also got him to agree to prescribe anastrozole (though he never tested for estrogen).

I got prescribed one 200mg vile per week and 1mg of anastrozole per day. Does this sound like the right place to start?

I noticed that I had a little more energy for 3-4 days after the injection. A month and a half later, my muscles are a lot bigger but I am retaining water and not losing that much fat. I have started taking an otc water tablet every day but i have no idea if I should. In the last few weeks, I have started feeling tired and aggressive.

My back hurts again and my nipples were sore for a few days (but not puffy). In general, I feel better after my T injection for 3-4 days but then I crash. I get morning wood again but my sex drive is sporadic.

From what I have read, other people take .5mg of anastrozole every other day. Has my doctor prescribed too much?

For Testosterone Cypionate, is it possible that I just metabolize it quicker than other people? I thought it was meant to last 10 days but I only feel ok for 3-4. On day 5, I feel like I’m missing something. Is 200mg per week too much (considering that I want to get in shape as well as manage low T)? I have read that body builders use way more than 200mg/week. They must have a nicer doctor than mine…

What is the maximum dose that doctors can prescribe of cyp? My doctor gives me an injection in his office once per month and gives me a prescription, so I get 400mg in the first week (and 200mg for the other 3 weeks of the month). He only gives me the injection in his office because he bills my insurance $20,000 for each one. I don’t argue because I am desperate to get back in shape. I don’t know of it is bad to double the dose for 1 week of the month only.

It is nice to have larger muscles again but I am desperate to start losing weight. Do body builders use any meds for fat loss or just to build size and strength? I literally couldn’t eat any less at the moment and I am in the gym 5 days per week. I have never been stuck like this before. I need to lose 60-80lb. I had a 32" waist until 2-3 years ago. Now 38" jeans are tight. I have always been ok with diet an exercise until now…

I have had gynecomastia since I was a kid. I lost 200lb when I was 15 but I was obese before that. My gyne wasn’t noticable as long as I kept my body fat low. I can’t even tell if what I have now is fat or breast tissue until I lose weight.

Btw, I still take opiate pains meds to manage my back pain and I take adderal for ADD.

Any advice on what I should do with my meds, exercise or eating plan would be appreciated. I am currently on a low carb diet (because of a family history of diabetes) and I do a mix of weights and cardio at the gym. I gained weight on a low carb plan just like I did before it. I seem to have stopped gaining now though.

Your doc gives you 400 mg for the first week of the month, and then you inject 200 mg every week for the following three weeks of the month?!

You are taking FOUR times the usual clinical dose in the first week, and then twice that for the subsequent three weeks of the month. No wonder you are having problems!

One hundred mg per week is the starting dose and with that, many do not even need an AI, including myself.

TRT is not for bodybuilding; it’s meant for normal male functioning so comparing yourself to steroid using bodybuilders who use T for non-clinical reasons is not appropriate.

As for exercise and nutrition advice, you can read some of the thousands of articles on this site.

Your doc gets reimbursed 20k for an office visit? Are you serious?

Please read these stickies:

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    – note the first paragraph
    – post your labs with ranges
  • protocol for injections


  • 100mg T per week, 50mg twice a week
  • 1/2mg anastrozole at time of T injection total 1mg per week
  • 250iu hCG SC EOD to avoid damage to testes

Forget absolutely everything that you learned on body building sites.

Don’t give your self to take stupid amounts of testosterone.