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Advice On Upcoming Cycle

Hi guys,

So I’m 5’ 11", 160lbs, probably around 10% body fat. Been training for 2 years and I think I’ve reached my genetic potential. My stats are:

200lbs bench
220lbs squat
220lbs deadlift

I’m thinking of running 1g of test with 1g of trenbolone for 16 weeks. I don’t want to get too big, just want to look like a big natty guy like Mike O Hearn or Simeon Panda.

Do I need to do a PCT? My buddy who sells the gear says I won’t need to as long as I get some milk thistle and tribulus.

Also, what about an AI? I’ve heard they can decrease gains.

I will, of course, be using EVERY SINGLE cycle support supplement they sell at GNC.

How much of my gains will I keep from my cycle?

Is it worth adding slin? I hear that helps with hair loss