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Advice on TRT Clinic?

I am in the process of deciding on a new doctor. I have read good feedback on Dr Saya at Defy. I have done research on Dr Rob at ReNue Health and he seems very knowledgeable and detailed. Does anyone have a strong recommendation on either and what would be the deciding factor for you. Cost is the not the most important but I want someone that can help me feel better. It does look like ReNue will be more expensive, however if he is better I don’t mind paying.
I appreciate any insight.

Dr. Rob is great, he has a 4.9 rating out of 5 on one of the health sites (?) that rate docs. Dr. Eric Serrano is another excellent hormone doc in Ohio.

Dr. Eric Serrano has incredible knowledge in both male and female hormones. I would go as far to say Eric is probably more knowledgeable in my opinion.

You can’t go wrong with either, both are heavy weights in the hormone world.

In before @dextermorgan says he knows a good doctor and says to check email in his profile.

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Tier 1 is where I’d go if I wanted doctor oversight and was having issues because Dr Keith Nichols is at the forefront of research on TRT and is amazing with other hormones besides Testosterone so those would be caught and addressed if needed. He is about optimizing everything. He runs around $2k a year and that gives you a direct line to the doctor at any time. I’m sure those other docs are good too but Dr Nichols is the man I’d put my trust in if it were me.

That’s only if someone wants TRT for cheap and has their shit already figured out. If someone wants legit doctor oversight then a TRT clinic isn’t optimal as it’s basically just a cheap script.

I know. I was just messing with you. But I might be hitting you up sometime for your doctors name.

(email in bio) lol


Thank you. I heard of Dr Serrano and watched a webcast he did with Dan Bossa. I wasn’t sure if he was seeing new patients but I will check into it.

Thank you. I have also watched many of Dr Nichols forums on YouTube with Jay Campbell and he does know his shit. Distance is a issue but I know it would be worth it. He is a proponent of scrotal cream I believe. That’s not an option for me due to DHT and possible hair loss. Already had bad results with poor absorption and high DHT with cream using Dr Crisler application method of forearms then flanks.

Well, you only have to visit him one time to get set up, then it’s all telemedicine if you want. As I understand he also prescribes injections, if that’s what you want. You can get a free consult with them to explain how it all works. It was 30 min and I spoke with his wife Angie.

Anybody know Dr. Serrano’s prices?

He’s just as big on injections. Basically optimizing whatever route you want to go.

Dr Serrano does. Jk

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Is that 2k a year including Meds or is that just for his consultation ?

I believe that’s everything (for Tier1)

Thats a good deal…